Monday, December 13, 2010

Hollywood Bravely Tackles the Haters (That Would Be You and Me)

I just can’t get enough of Hollywood celebrities (or even better, almost-celebrities) telling me what to do, how to vote, what to think, how to believe. I mean, they’re FAMOUS (or, kind of famous) for really important things like breast size or the ability to scream in a microphone or perhaps a willingness to mutilate one’s body with freakish tattoos. So, clearly, their opinions are far more valuable than any we little people might have formed without their assistance.

So thank heavens for the California (naturally) NoH8 (no hate) campaign, because we of course are all big fat haters in desperate need of the corrective counsel only celebrities can provide. And provide they do, richly, in this new video that the uber-lefties at Common Dreams praise as “hard-hitting.”

Cindy McCain does hit hard in the video, but it’s domestic abuse, because she’s slamming her husband for his stand on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. According to Mrs. McCain, hubby is just one more “political and religious leader” telling gay kids they have “no future.”

Yes, this is all about gay teen suicide, and the bullying that allegedly leads to it. Now it is indisputable that a whole lot more non-gay teens kill themselves every day/week/year than gay teens. Never mind! We have hatred to battle here, and God knows there is no cause more noble for the average pinheaded celebrity than the quest to eradicate (right wing) hatred!

Because, you see, hate and bullying killed the poster child for this latest cause, college freshman Tyler Clementi. It had nothing to do with his roommates (and world class cretins) broadcasting a live web stream of his most intimate moments. Oh, wait. Maybe it did. In point of fact, Tyler’s tragic death probably had a whole lot more to do with invasion of privacy than his sexual orientation. After all, one must assume (based on what gay advocates tell us) that Tyler had been gay for some time. One must also assume, again based on so-called LGBT experts (that’s lesbian gay bisexual trans-something), that Tyler had probably been bullied in high school. So what really hurt him was the despicable and vile act of putting his most personal behavior on the internet for all to see. Why isn’t Hollywood making hipster videos about privacy rights, or starting an organization – NoPPi (No personal privacy invasions)?

I’ll tell you why. Because framing it as a gay issue lets them squat and drop a veritable mountain of politically charged doggy poo like this:

So this motley group of geniuses is saying that Prop 8, DADT and a few restrictive state adoption laws “legislate discrimination,” legitimize bullying, and teach gay kids that there are “no solutions to their problems.” No wonder they’re depressed!

What’s more, homophobia starts with joking, so knock that off, and for pete’s sake stop saying something is “so gay.”

Any ONE of these evils = RELENTLESS bullying, according to no less a luminary than Tom Bergeron (an expert in teen psychology. Well okay, host of “Dancing with the Stars.” Whatever).

Here’s what actually IS relentless:  The Left’s assault on freedom. Their message is clear to all who might question homosexuality as a lifestyle, to all who might raise legitimate public policy questions about societal influences, to all who might dare to tell a gay joke. They practically scream their message in this video: YOU ARE KILLING KIDS, HATERS. The irony, of course, is that the NoH8 campaign itself is an artful form of inflammatory bullying. But that realization escapes these celebrities, a bunch of alcoholic, drug-addicted, astonishingly promiscuous, porn-posing, multiple illegitimate child fathering, self-righteous, narcissistic do-gooders who demonstrate the combined brainpower of a chimp.

So, NoH8-ers, I think I’ll look elsewhere for both moral and intellectual guidance. Thanks anyway.

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