Monday, December 13, 2010

Joy Behar Tells Rev. Joel Osteen that the Bible is for Bullies

How does someone this dense and narrow-minded get so much air time? A Biblical view of homosexuality is pretty much the same as the Biblical view of adultery or any other sexual practice outside of marriage. God designed sex for marriage. He also made very clear, particularly through the teachings of Jesus Christ, that we are to love people no matter what their behavior (“sin”). We do not have to embrace behavior that is clearly frowned upon in the Bible, as Joy was pushing this pastor to do, but we are absolutely to show love.

So, Joy, the Biblical view of homosexuality does not cause bullying or violence against gays, as that is clearly against Biblical teaching.

Now let’s talk about how Muslims — you know, those folks you walked off the set to defend from evil Bill O’Reilly — let’s talk about how they view homosexuality.

Under Islamic law, it’s a crime that carries the death penalty. This law is the official law of the land in five Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Sudan, Yemen and Iran. Iran is believed to have killed several thousand homosexuals. Although public execution is the maximum punishment in Saudi Arabia, the government will sometimes use other punishments, like whipping.

Wonder if whipping and execution leads to bullying? Joy, why don’t y’all get an imam on the View and give him the once-over on that?

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