Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amaze and Irritate Your Leftist Friends on Oscar Night

The Academy Awards are a BIG DEAL here in La-la land. Of course, people from all over the world do watch, but when the L.A. Times refers to Los Angeles as a company town, Hollywood is the company they’re talking about. I’ve lived in lots of other cities, but this is the only one where it seems almost everybody has an “Oscar party” they can attend, and by that I do not mean one of the myriad of black-tie events actually associated with the award ceremonies, but simply a house with a big screen TV and munchies.

If you decide to party with Oscar, wherever you may live, may I recommend that you proceed with great caution when selecting your fellow revelers. In other words, try to go with a conservative crowd. Now, granted, they’re less likely to give a rip what Hollywood is up to in the first place. But if you get stuck in a room full of lefties, they’ll all sit enraptured during the most ridiculously offensive political speeches by presenters and winners, and your blood pressure will be the worse for it. The Oscars have a long and rich history of offering up such tripe, and this year has several potent possibilities for some serious speechabuse. Perhaps you can work up some kind of drinking game – maybe a shot for every mention of homophobia, or Islamophobia, or unionphobia (that one might actually be pretty big this year… as of this writing, I haven’t heard of any bigmouthed actors heading to Madison to show support for the plight of the oppressed public employee unions… so Oscar night might be perfect to take a BOLD AND COURAGEOUS STAND that everyone in the auditorium will self-righteously applaud!)

ANYWAY. Here are some things to watch for, cheer for, sneer at, or amaze your friends with, on Oscar night. We’ll use the ten best picture nominees as a framework, because each one can be a jumping off point for something of interest - after all, there are less than six degrees of separation between any two things in Hollywood.

Let’s start with some kinda strange stuff from NPR…

10. Toy Story 3 – embracing your inner child

It is nearly universally agreed-upon that Toy Story 3 is truly a movie to love. A poignant storyline (toy owner Andy is all grown up and headed to college), top notch Pixar animation, and a director from the best cinema school in the country (Fight on, USC Trojans!).

However… the movie motivated some seriously weird doin’s over at National Politicallyleft Public Radio. In all fairness, it’s been kind of a weird week for public broadcasting, what with Big Bird being hauled over to the Capitol to shill for taxpayer funding and all.

Even that weirdness pales in comparison to this, which is... well, a little creepy.

NPR's Bob Mondello was inspired by character Andy wanting to hang on to one toy:
“When I got home, my partner reminded me that I’d done that too: Sitting on the shelf in my office is Mr. Teds, the teddy bear that accompanied me to the hospital when I got my tonsils out.”
Here is Mr. Mondello, sans partner but cradling Mr. Teds:

Disturbing, no?
And he goes on:
“When I mentioned this at work, it turned out that a lot of other NPR folks had kept a buddy from childhood, too. And since Mr. Teds hadn’t been able to pal around with any other toys in a lonnnnnng time, I suggested that they bring a few of them in for playtime.”
If YOU are feeling playful like Mr. Teds, you can join in the fun here, as NPR staffers show off their favorite toys, games and books. (I was pretty disappointed that Vivian Schiller didn’t bring in her “Fun with Free Speech” game… but one of the staff members does have a stuffed “earth” that she says boasts both the Soviet Union and East Germany – hey, the world as NPR likes it!)

Next: Gay pride on parade…

9. The Kids Are All Right – uh, no they’re not

This is the easiest movie on the list to cross off your list to watch, because it’s a politically correct mish-mash that could have been churned out by the publicists at GLAAD.

That’s all you need to watch. I’m going to save you the price of a movie rental and two hours of your life. You’re welcome:

Nic and Jules are lesbians who got “married” and each got impregnated by the same anonymous sperm donor and thus have two children. These children are named Joni (after Joni Mitchell) and Laser (after… lasers?). Nic is the breadwinner and is more strict, while Jules is more relaxed and stays home.

See? They’re just like a traditional family! Well, except for the lesbian part and the sperm donor part. And the naming your kid Laser part.

Anyway. Laser and Joni find their biological father, Paul, with the assistance of a helpful sperm bank. Jules starts an affair with Paul because she doesn’t feel that Nic appreciates her.

See? They’re just like a traditional (dysfunctional) family! Well, except for the having an affair with your own sperm donor part.

Now – if the filmmakers had REALLY wanted to be courageous, they should have had Jules stay with Paul.
But of course, “turning straight” is verboten in Hollywood. So Jules dumps Paul and lives happily ever after with Nic.

The message of “Laser and Joni Have Two Mommies”? Well, to hell with the need for a father figure, for one thing. And of course the overarching message –

See? They’re just like us!

Who writes this stuff? Well, Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg wrote this particular stuff. Not cheering for them to win Best Original Screenplay, since this is neither “best” nor particularly original, no matter how “edgy” they think they’re being.

Next: Why you might not be able to watch the Academy Awards at all…

8. 127 Hours – that’s how long the Oscar broadcast is going to feel…

127 Hours is the dramatization of a true story about one Aron Ralston, a young outdoorsman who made the extremely ill-advised choice, one spring day, of rock climbing in a remote area without informing anyone where he was going. When his arm got pinned under an 800-pound rock, and after five days with nothing but a liter of water and not even a jacket, he… well, I feel kind of bad for ruining the last movie for you, so I won’t say anymore. But it’s gross.

Actor James Franco is nominated for Best Actor for the role, which is why it’s kind of bizarre that the Academy chose him to host the awards ceremony. In the past, hosting duties have fallen to bigger names who aren’t on the ballot. But James won’t be alone up there at the podium. Oh, no. In fact, he might not be able to get a word in. Because the Academy is pairing him with an up-and-coming actress who has already distinguished herself as the owner of a big, BIG mouth.

Anne Hathaway, who burst onto the public scene in The Princess Diaries, has proven herself to be a royal pain in the arse. For your reading pleasure, consider a few choice nuggets of little Anne’s wisdom.
On how to prioritize pressing world issues (Finally! Someone clears this all up!):
“My own personal feelings about it is when the world is kind of perfect, and we have those two things – when we’re at peace and everybody has a good job – although we should be working on these at the same time, I don’t mean to imply otherwise, I’m a really big advocate for health care and of course my heart lies with education.”
Of course. On Obama:
“It was around the time that he gave his speech on race that I just said, ‘I can’t deny how I feel about you, Barack Obama. I want you to be the president. I want you in the White House… when he’s president, we’re going to find people changing on the inside.”
Hmmm. Is this what change on the inside looks like?

Ignorant and opinionated – always a winning combination in a Hollywood starlet. PLEASE. SHUT. UP.

Next: Getting in the ring with a loser…

7. The Fighter – sordid tale with a sordid star

Another movie about boxing. Lots of people get hit, both in and out of the ring. Lots of people swear lots of times.

Actor Christian Bale is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the one-time up-and-coming boxer who has deteriorated into a walking skeleton of a crack addict. Bale lost a lot of weight to play the role of Dicky Eklund, and Hollywood likes to reward that kind of thing, so he may have a shot.

Considering that Bale is known for having a foul temper and possibly assaulting female members of his own family, betcha thought he was the sordid star of our headline. But you would be wrong!

Not nominated for Best Actor is Mark Wahlberg. That’s kind of refreshing that he didn't get a nod, because he’s a piece of work. Besides starring in two of the worst movies ever (the crassly anti-American Shooter, and a pig wallow in porn called Boogie Nights), the former rapper known as Marky Mark has an actual rap sheet. It involves throwing rocks at black schoolchildren while calling them the n-word, and attacking several Vietnamese men, blinding one and knocking another unconscious, while calling him, according to widely available reports, "Vietnam f-word-ing s-word." Well, he didn't really call him f-word-ing s-word. That would have been awkward. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, sentenced to two years, and served a whopping 45 days. He admits he has never tried to find the people he hurt and make amends. But who cares! He’s a really good actor, and he gave money to Obama, and to John Kerry! So it’s all good.

And although he didn’t get an acting nomination, he’s one of the producers of the film, which means he’ll get an Oscar if it wins Best Picture. Not cheering for that, either.

Next: It’s not just boxers getting hit this year – ballet takes a beating…

6. Black Swan – good vs. evil in a tutu

Think of all that is beautiful about the ballet. The grace, the elegance, the athleticism. The music (like the timeless Tchaikovsky classic Swan Lake). The artistry.

Okay, now turn that all on its head in a horror story of insanity and death. Welcome to Black Swan!

Ballet in general, and the New York City Ballet in particular, really do take a beating in this film. We see the freakishly deformed feet and bleeding and blackened toenails of a prima ballerina. We see her constantly vomiting. We see drugs and backstabbing, sexual politics, and nasty, manipulative, desperately unhappy people who do many unpleasant things. And when the star’s descent into madness really kicks in, we see a lot worse.

This is not the year’s best feel-good movie.

But it’s not even the year’s best feel-bad movie. I tend to agree with reviewer John Nolte over at Big Hollywood, who doesn’t really place this film in the top ten at all.

He points out, rightly so, that director Darren Aronofsky takes his central character down the road well-traveled:
“… her whole dilemma is yet another cliche. The good girl having to find her darkside? This is a completely played out concept, especially in the genre of films surrounding the arts. Imagine how much more fresh and interesting the story would’ve been had these those roles been reversed, with the bad girl having to find the good in herself to inhabit the White Swan.”
He nails it. Again, we are treated to the spectacle of Hollywood doing what it always does, and then congratulating itself for being so brave, innovative and daring. Wish they had it in ‘em. And I’m not really feeling Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Nina as Best Actress, either… but she’s the favorite.

Ultimately, this good vs. evil, white vs. black swan story has no happy ending, and is pretty unsatisfying.

Next: Good vs. evil in an setting 180 degrees away from Manhattan…

5. Winter’s Bone – huh?

I know. I watched it and I’m still not exactly sure why it’s called that. And as my husband said while screening it, “this doesn’t exactly move along at a good clip, does it?”

No, it does not. Part of the plodding feeling probably comes from the over-the-top grimness of the setting. The primary color of this movie is gray. Families living in extreme poverty in the Ozarks, enduring squalor and (sometimes) hunger – a father on the run from the law, a mother who’s crazy, relatives and neighbors involved in all manner of illegal activity and general unpleasantness (there’s a lot of domestic abuse hinted at), and the threat of complete destitution. Like Black Swan, this ain’t no walk in the park.


The central character of Ree, the 17-year-old daughter willing to take heroic measures to protect and provide for her little brother, little sister, and incapacitated mother – well, Ree is a profoundly good person facing a formidable challenge. One can’t help but compare Ree’s tremendous obstacles with the artificially-induced agony in Black Swan. Likewise, mostly-unknown actress Jennifer Lawrence, who probably doesn’t have a prayer of beating Natalie Portman, offers a truly nuanced performance worthy of an Oscar.

And director Debra Granik (not nominated for directing) shows us little flashes of goodness and warmth in the midst of the otherwise unrelenting bleakness – like the Army recruiter who insightfully and gently offers Ree some good advice. Just about every character is fully formed and multi-dimensional, capable of being evil and capable of being good. Just like we are in real life. This isn’t nearly as beautiful a movie to watch (and hear) as Black Swan, but it is a much better story. Perhaps Granik will win an Oscar, however, as she and her writing partner are nominated for Adapted Screenplay.

Next: More on the good vs. evil front…

4. True Grit – the Coen brothers take on a classic

Which is better – the original, or the remake?  (Although the Coens insist it’s not a remake; they say it’s just a different movie based on the same book. Uh…okay.)

John Wayne, one of the only true conservatives ever to come out of Hollywood, won the Best Actor Oscar for this role, Marshall Rooster Cogburn, way back in 1969. A proud anti-Communist. An icon.
Jeff Bridges, enormous contributor to Democrats big and small, including some of the most vile.
I don’t even think this is a fair fight. But hey, judge for yourself:

True Grit: 1969 vs 2010 from Amfidiusz on Vimeo.

Although I prefer the Duke, both movies explore the ins and outs of good vs. evil and the sacrifices and consequences associated with indulging in one at the expense of the other. The new version does boast young Hailee Steinfeld, who is particularly appealing as the daughter bent on bringing justice to the man who killed her father, and pays a hefty price for that pursuit. If Hailee wins, she will be among the youngest Oscar winners ever (but Tatum O’Neal still holds the record for Paper Moon at age 10).

Next: The film that defined a generation!!!!

3. The Social Network – believe the hype, be the hype


There. I just used a catchphrase popular with the generation in question to off-handedly dismiss The Social Network. This is not a Best Picture. It’s just an entertaining movie about a really smart guy who made it big. Well, he made it REALLY big, but still.

It’s fun to watch. Set at Harvard, the movie offers an inside peek at life at the academic top. And the dialogue is clever and witty. Too clever and witty, in fact. I kept thinking the same thing that crosses my mind when watching certain TV sitcoms – nobody talks this way without a screenwriter putting words in their mouth. Doesn’t ring true. So it’s hardly fitting that this script is up for Best Adapted Screenplay – every other movie in this category is better-written (127 Hours, Toy Story 3, True Grit and Winter’s Bone).

Ah, but Hollywood loves the writer benefitting from this unearned largesse. Aaron Sorkin, who is suffering from perhaps the worst case EVER of Palin Derangement Syndrome, is a leftist bad boy who’s always got something (ill-conceived, ignorant, nasty and arrogant) to say.

Did I mention arrogant?

He just makes my skin crawl. I’m not a big fan of how he depicted most of the young women in this movie, either. Girls who can’t wait to get on their knees and service a couple of nerds in a bathroom, all because they started a website? Sounds like someone was indulging in his own little fantasy. *CoughAaronSorkincough*.

It may be fascinating to speculate (because, after all, it’s not exactly a documentary) on how this amazing tool we all use, Facebook, came into being. But I feel sorry for any generation that feels THIS is their definitive film.

Next: Drilling down to two movies that deserve to be at the top…

2. Inception – blowing your mind

All right, we may as well get this out of the way right up front. The first mind-blowing aspect of Inception is that its cast is mind-blowingly numbskulled. Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page are freakin’ babbling idiots. But don’t take my word for it:

Anybody else thinking what I’m thinking about Little Miss Know-it-all Ellen Page, and her lackey Gordon-Levitt? Is a hard slap across the face involved? Yeah, I know. Shame on us. Civility and all. Ah well, at least we didn’t make Hitler posters of them!

Anyway – admitted and acknowledged: This movie boasts one of the most remarkably dimwitted and yet smug casts ever put together on film.

Now that we have THAT out of the way… director Christopher Nolan (who did not get a directing nomination, but is nominated for Original Screenplay) has crafted an amazing movie. Ah. Maze. Ing. If you can suspend your distaste at his motley band of actors, you’ll be rewarded with something unlike anything you’ve seen before – and yet it’s all strangely familiar. Like déjà vu.

Yeah. It might just literally blow your mind.

My favorite thing about Inception was the collective gasp, in the packed opening-night-in-L.A. theater, that accompanied the final moment of the movie. Sucker punch! In a good way.

Next: We all know it’s going to win, right?

1. The King’s Speech – soaring above

If you had told me that my favorite movie of the year would be about an erstwhile monarch of the British Crown who stuttered… I would have told you my favorite movie of the year was Inception. But I would have been wrong.

See, I don’t even LIKE the Royals. I don’t understand the American obsession with them. Didn’t we fight a war to get away from these leeches? Aren’t our principles based on the ideas of all men being created equal, which is utterly at odds with the idea of monarchy? I mean, yeah, all little girls want to grow up to find Prince Charming and all – but he sure as heck doesn’t look like that loopy envirowack Prince Charles, or his equine-resembling son who’s already sporting an unbecoming receding hairline.

I know, I know. It’s not nice to make fun of the way people look. But really, what else are the Royals there for? They’re sure as heck not contributing much to British society. They should at least be pretty.

So I guess I’ve made my distaste for monarchy pretty clear.

But movies are all about the STORY. A great story can be about almost anything – and if populated with interesting characters, humor and heart – you’ve got a winner. Throw in an amazing director and a couple of consummate actors, and you just might have a shoe-in for Best Picture. And Best Director. And Best Actor. And Best Supporting Actor. And Screenplay. And maybe a few more.

Based on real events, this is the story of the current Queen’s dad. It doesn’t offer a sentimental view of the Crown, but paints a picture of royalty that seems fairly even-handed. It doesn’t seem an immensely attractive lifestyle, but it certainly doesn’t seem an awful burden, either.

Like Social Network, King’s Speech has a great deal of cleverly-written dialogue. In this case, however, it is at least within the realm of imagination that the characters may well have spoken this way, at least on occasion. But Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth absolutely breathe glowing life into the script with performances that capture the viewer’s heart.

I know, I know. Rush and Firth are probably flaming leftists, as well. Firth, in particular, has been a well-known champion of leftist causes in his home country. And based on early talk about one of his next big projects, I may be broadly denouncing him next year around this time.

But for now, just as I did with that hideous little troupe in Inception, I am going to ignore the politics of the actors in this beautifully-fashioned film.

A quick word about the music. As a classical music fan, I enjoy the creative use of great masterpieces to score a movie. I know Beethoven is overused, but the use of a movement from Beethoven’s 7th symphony to underscore the climactic “king’s speech” is both powerful and deeply moving.

One more quick note: This movie is rated R. For the dumbest possible reason. You'll know when you see it. But when you consider the soul-numbing dreck that gets a PG or PG-13 and thus is corrupting the souls, hearts and minds of our children - the fact that THIS movie is (theoretically) inaccessible to them is appalling.

Anyway. The King's Speech is awesome. No, the audience didn’t gasp in awe at a last-second plot twist. But we left the theater with our hearts uplifted and our spirits soaring a bit higher than when the movie began.
That is the highest calling of any art form – to lift the human spirit. And that is why The King’s Speech should – and most likely will – be lauded as 2011’s Best Picture.


Well, there you have it. A compendium of trivia, kudos and snarks to enrich your Oscar night experience.
Or... you could ignore the red carpet, turn off the TV, and read a good book, right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 9 Reasons California Sucks

California girls and Beach Boys. Disneyland. Hollywood. Year-round sun-kissed weather. The Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco’s cable cars. Silicon Valley innovation. Napa Valley’s gorgeous vineyards and wineries. Majestic redwoods, snow-capped mountains. The richest farmland in the country. The beauties of Yosemite, Death Valley, and a thousand miles of breathtaking coastline.

There is a reason this is called the Golden State. Actually, a lot of reasons.

And I hate to relinquish this golden state to the Left. But in fact, they’ve already taken it.

You add up all the riches mentioned above, and you should have a thriving, prosperous heaven-on-earth. But if you add in one more ingredient – a preponderance of leftists – somehow the recipe falls flat. Disastrously flat. Anybody-with-a-brain-in-their-head-is-getting-the-heck-out flat.

And that is exactly where we find ourselves today.

California is like the most beautiful and gifted girl in the class (of 50 students!), who took up with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks (the Left) and ended up in a dilapidated trailer park puffing on a cigarette and chugging cheap whiskey.

Yup, that’s California today!

Let’s take a closer look at her downfall…

9. Environmentalist wackjobs – the original California fruits and nuts

When people talk about how California is the land of fruits and nuts, they’re not talking about grapes and almonds (although those used to be bountiful crops of our fertile California farmland). No, they’re talking about the people who have made it a lot harder to grow grapes and almonds – or businesses of any kind, really.

A quarter million acres of the most valuable agricultural land anywhere sits idle today because environmentalists thought a tiny fish called the smelt was more important than allowing farmers to water their land.

California Congressman Devin Nunes tried to protect his constituents from the greenies, but to no avail.
That was a couple of years ago, and the court-ordered irrigation stoppage continues, with exactly the results Congressman Nunes predicted.

Isn’t it ironic, how the greenies are directly responsible for the browning of California? There are far, far fewer lush acres of green lettuce, or orchards of walnuts or peaches. The land of hundreds of different crops and half the nation’s produce has been attacked as surely as if terrorists had dropped bombs on it. Worse, even, because if the farmers at least had water, they could plant again. For now – there’s no hope at all.

Next: But that’s not the only envirowack insanity raging across the Golden State…

8. Deranged greenies set the political agenda

In the recent midterm elections, blind-dumb-deaf Californians voted to allow their own “Global Warming Act” (otherwise known as the Kill-the-Last-Jobs-in-the-State Act) to proceed. Opponents had tried to at least delay the Global Warming Act, which is supposed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in California, until the state’s unemployment rate dropped. But the greenies called the proposal the “Dirty Energy Proposition” and that characterization carried the day.

Why is this colossally stupid?

Because there is precious little solid evidence that anything man does affects so-called climate change. Climate patterns have been cycling since we began recording weather. People may argue about whether or not it’s a real threat, but there’s no argument that what California does, all by itself, will affect the climate not one bit. So the forced imposition of lower “greenhouse gas emission” standards will drive the last few businesses that are here right across the border into friendlier states.

When they’re not busy protecting tiny fishies or chasing companies into Arizona and Nevada, California greenies work on other fun projects, like banning plastic bags at the grocery store – and making us pay for the paper bags! And guess what – that red carpet the stars walk on? Now it’s green!

Next: And speaking of the red carpet… what is wrong with those Hollywood people?

7. Tinseltown – just another company town, but their products blow

The L.A. Times says Los Angeles is an industry or company town, and the company is Hollywood. The folks who bring us our entertainment are a somewhat schizophrenic bunch. Every once in a while they produce something that soars, uplifts, provokes reflection, or at least provokes belly laughs. But far, far too often, they use their platform for illegitimate purposes.

The most obvious of these illicit purposes is to degrade our culture and attack traditional morality (especially that of Christians). The recent brouhaha over MTV’s soft-porn teen show “Skins” is just the latest slide down the slope, and rest assured, we are already quite a ways downhill. Consider what is regularly consumed as entertainment in this country, by millions of Americans day in and day out (sigh):

The Girls Next Door – reality show about the girls who are dumb enough to live their lives as the plaything of the original dirty old man. Super yucky. (And recently debunked, right here at Newsreal Blog, as decidedly not glamourous, and dangerous to one’s sexual and mental health.)

Toddlers and Tiaras – reality show about parents dumb enough to spend a lot of money dolling up their daughters like mini-whores, and then travel around the South encouraging them to “shake it” on stage for the purpose of winning a beauty pageant crown worth approximately $15.

Real Housewives of (fill in the blank) – reality show about wealthy, plastic surgicalized, shallow, vain, nasty, self-centered women and how they fight with each other.

Jersey Shore – reality show about… I don’t know what it’s about. I’ve never seen it. It looks horrifying.

And it’s not like the “real” (scripted) shows are much better. You have the venerable Law & Order franchise, so full of itself that you can practically write the script yourself. The illegal aliens are never deported – the cops are too busy solving “real crime,” which is never committed by gays or environmentalists or black people or lefties of any kind, but is always truly the fault of businessmen or religious people (mainly Christians. Muslims need not apply; they are needed to portray victims of hate crimes). I have never seen an episode of the popular show House in which the wise, God-mocking doctor didn’t uncover someone’s wildly aberrant sexual behavior. The secret reason for the illness is never the super kinky secret that was discovered – that’s just the titillating side story that would lead one to believe that basically everyone in the country is either sleeping with their own daughter, the dog, or dead people.

Comedies. No. The new sitcom Hot in Cleveland is a hot mess of tired sitcom storylines and way too much focus on the sex lives of its female characters, including 90-something Betty White. Yuck. Although if Hugh Hefner would go for her, at least he’d have somebody his own age. Now there’s an idea for a (revolting) show.

Animated series? Another fail. The newest shows, like Bob’s Burgers, make the previously-controversial Simpsons look like an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

In short, our company town, here in the entertainment capital of the world, is busily churning out garbage as our state’s primary export. Now, if at the end of a long day, you want to sit on the couch with a brewski and watch some of this swill… well, it’s a free country (for now). But if you hold to any belief system that involves God, morality, Christianity, traditional values, sexual abstinence outside marriage, personal responsibility, conservative politics, or voting Republican – you will be insulted. Oh, yes, you will.

Next: It’s not enough to pull us into the sewer – Hollywood considers us backward morons, too…

6. Hollywood royalty show us the error of our small-minded ways

It’s a rampant illness infecting California’s “real” capital city (Hollywood): From the supremely annoying “The More You Know” campaign on NBC in which two-bit TV actors pontificate on all matters moral, to the hags of The View talk show who are always up for spreading both their stupidity and their bigotry… from grand pronouncements about life and meaning and the elegance of Obama from Actors Who Win Awards, to the sucker punch insults against conservatives that pepper our movies and television (speaking of which, see here for your warning about the next big condescending insult from the Left coming to you after you shell out perfectly good money to enjoy a movie, you fool!)

Anyway, this illness that infects personages both large and small in the Hollywood food chain – let’s call it Self Delusional Narcissism Syndrome, aka Royalty Disorder. These folks think they are better than everyone else. They have apparently confused better looking (I’m not talking about you, Sean Penn) with smarter, more interesting, and more knowledgeable. None of which apply, my star-studded friends, to most of you.

But that doesn’t stop them, does it, from opening their artificially-whitened teeth and blathering on about all things political and economic. Irony and hypocrisy abound. Mega-million dollar movie star Ben Affleck thinks CEO’s shouldn’t make so much money. Uh-huh. So the businessman who’s put in 70-hour work weeks for 20 years doesn’t deserve his salary, but you, Prince Ben, have earned the right to pull down seven figures for pretending (and not that convincingly) to be a bank robber. Shoot, my son did that when he was 5, and he was a whole lot cuter than you are when you’re whining about corporate greed, while cashing big ol’ checks from some of California’s most illustrious entertainment conglomerates.

These people don’t just think they’re the royalty of California – they think they’re the royalty of the world, and they’ve got the egos to prove it. For the most part, they’re far too self-absorbed to even understand their own idiocy. Like the screenwriter of the hit movie The Social Network, who not only suffers from the aforementioned Royalty Disorder, but he’s got a raging case of PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) as well.

So, California is where these people do most of their dirty deeds. You’re welcome, America!

Next: The Golden State’s not so golden educational experiments…

5. California schools stink

As has been pointed out elsewhere, California is an ongoing laboratory experiment in leftism. You’d think the results, as horrendous as they are, would have called for some “changes in hypothesis,” or even a new batch of research scientists. But no, here in CA we keep running the same experiments, over and over, to see if we can get new and better results! None so far, but we’re nothing if not persistent!

Nowhere is this insanity more heartbreaking than in our state’s public schools. They are a disgrace. And just like other school systems across the country that are entrenched in unions, massive financial waste and too many administrators, California’s schools are a case study in failure. A couple of very recent examples should bring this home.

In inner-city Los Angeles, a high school dean is being investigated for possible involvement with child pornography. At the school, he handled discipline and safety issues (fox/henhouse). And note: This wasn’t just a teacher. This was someone who had worked his way up the administrative ladder in the massive and pathetically-inadequate L.A. Unified School District.

Your (California) tax dollars at work!

In beautiful (not) Oakland, a teacher has been suspended due to the fact that two 2nd graders – SECOND GRADERS – engaged in oral sex in front of the other students in the classroom – WHILE THE TEACHER WAS PRESENT. (I know, that’s a lot of CAPS, but don’t you think they’re warranted?)  I guess it’s understandable that the teacher missed it. After all, teachers in Oakland are very, very busy – protesting banks with their fellow union members and ACORN (or the latest incarnation of it). They can’t be bothered with things like teaching, or keeping 2nd graders from re-enacting porn movies. No sirree! That teacher was probably off in a corner reading something inspirational, like Dreams from My Father.

Your (California) tax dollars at work!

Next: You think K-12’s bad…

4. California colleges stink too!

Let’s leave elementary school behind, and go to college (which is more than those kids in Oakland will be able to do). Let’s visit the vaunted University of California system, which used to be the pride of the state. These days, not so much, as it has become overrun with the very worst kind of leftists. But our example today involves a particularly sickening display of absolute disregard for free speech. It started when Muslim students rudely and repeatedly disrupted a speech by the Israeli ambassador. You really have to see the video to appreciate the level of disrespect shown here.

Now here’s the kicker. The Orange County District Attorney is charging them with misdemeanor criminal charges for their behavior, which, as there is apparently a law against this type of malicious disruption, is understandable, since video shows them clearly breaking said law.

However, a hundred of UC Irvine’s finest professorial minds have come together to protest the D.A.’s attempt to do his job. They want the D.A. to drop the charges, they say. Let the healing continue, they say (uh, what healing?). This sets a dangerous precedent, they say! After all, we can’t have students, especially Muslim students, prosecuted for illegal acts, now can we?

Again – your (California) tax dollars at work!

Next: Welcome to California! Here’s how to cheat the system…

Who paid for this guide for illegals, anyway?

3. Illegals are ruining the state

Like every state which shares a border with Mexico, California is being overrun with illegals. Unlike every state which shares a border with Mexico, we welcome them with open arms. In fact, we pass out a pamphlet, in San Diego schools, showing (illegal) kids how to evade the immigration cops (they are, after all, the bad guys). This also has the added benefit of teaching all the children, including the American ones, that it’s okay to try to circumvent laws that are capital B Bad (like immigration laws, of course!).

California carries a vastly disproportionate share of the nation’s welfare recipients. There are a number of dysfunctional reasons for this, but the fact that we encourage illegals to park it here clearly isn’t helping.
Just for fun, let’s inject, right here, a note of sanity. Here’s a look at how a state full of sane people handles the problem of illegal aliens: They deport them, solve their prison overcrowding issue, and save millions of dollars.

And to think our Hollywood people regularly mock the folks from Tennessee and surrounding states as backward hicks. Makes it pretty clear who’s REALLY got everything all bass-ackwards, now doesn’t it?

Next: Well, at least California’s restrictive gun laws are saving lives…

2. California’s restrictive gun laws are NOT saving lives

This is exactly what we keep trying to tell the lefties. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns. Or crazy people that the state is too incompetent to find and disarm. Like the Californian who shot his mom 16 times before going next door to kill the neighbor and her 4-year-old daughter. He wasn’t supposed to have a gun. Oops. The New York Times article that tells the story, being, well, the New York Times and all, assumes that the problem is that the guy was EVER able to buy a gun, even before he “went crazy.” But that’s just because the NYT (and its little sister, the L.A. Times) are all bats**t crazy themselves over gun control.

Actually, California law enforcement might have plenty of time to find and disarm those who’ve been found mentally incompetent – if they weren’t busy handing out $600 traffic tickets in an effort to balance bloated California government budgets on the backs of the poor taxpayers guilty of nothing worse than a California stop!

While we’re on the subject of crime, it’s good to know that California prisons have such tight security. Only one of the world’s most notorious murderers has gotten caught with contraband – a cellphone – again. So if you get a call from Charles Manson, just hang up. Chatting will only encourage him, and clearly the prisons in California aren’t equipped to curb this type of rule-breaking, so we’ll all have to do our part.

Next: At last, the good news: Our new governor is serious about fixing the state!

1. The bad news: Our new governor is our old governor, and he messed it up last time, too

Ah, Governor Moonbeam. Always good for a headline, anyway. In this devastating critique of what’s wrong with California, Victor Davis Hanson compares Jerry Brown to a modern-day Sisyphus – endlessly pushing an enormous rock uphill. But I submit that’s an incomplete picture. Did Sisyphus forge his own giant rock? Because the Guv did, back when he gave public employees the right to unionize.

Now, Moonbeam thinks we need – to cut spending? Well, not really. We apparently need to raise more revenue first, because he’s talking about retaining several tax increases that were supposed to expire this year (Californians, please remember this when politicians offer you a “temporary” tax hike – very rarely does it stay temporary without a big nasty fight.) He also thinks we might need to “tweak” Prop 13, the landmark proposition that won in a landslide, limiting the rate at which cities and counties could raise property taxes.
Yeah… let’s change THAT.

The ‘Beamer’s full of ideas! None of them appear to involve taking on the public sector unions that are bleeding the state dry, however. Of course, how could he cross those folks? They’re the ones who got him elected, after all, spending kazillions of dollars and letting him pretend that Meg Whitman was the only one throwing around wads of cash.
So, we pictured California as dried-up skanky trailer trash. Columnist Austin Hill prefers to think of her, under the direction of Jerry Brown, as a spending addict:
“’Hi, I’m California, and I’m addicted to spending…’ What a magnificent confession this would be, if only we could hear it collectively from our 31st state… I wish we could perform an ‘intervention’ – perhaps at the Betty Ford Center (which, conveniently, is in Palm Springs) – and get dear California some help. The last election provided an opportunity for California and the rest of America to admit that it had a problem, and then to begin working on its ‘recovery.’ And while a good bit of the country took the first couple steps… the Golden State chose to remain on its current course. ‘I’m just a social spender,’ our friend California seemed to be saying last fall. ‘I could stop whenever I want, but I don’t want to. I’m happy living this way, and I’m not hurting anybody, so quit hassling me.’”
As Hill points out, California is going further into debt to the tune of $40 million PER DAY just to cover the state’s unemployment benefits. As Scotty used to say, “she can’t hold on much longer.”

Megan Fox summed it up this past week here on Newsreal Blog – it’s time to bail out. Not California – us. Time to jump ship. Cut our losses. Find a place where people are committed to making the American dream work. So if you’re still California dreamin’ – this is your wake-up call. Things are bound to get a lot worse before they get better. Maybe one day we can come back and claim the redwoods and the sunshine and the coastline. For now… we’ve lost ‘em.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 10 Campus ThoughtCrimes - Or, How PC Police Attack Free Speech and Common Sense

The concept of free expression, in this country, has been invoked to protect the right of scumbags like Larry Flynt to exploit women who are willing to degrade themselves in front of a camera. Whether or not you agree with that definition of “free speech,” it’s hard to align that broad (no pun intended) definition with what continues to happen on America’s campuses. Free expression, in these areas where minds should be most open, is under fire – and in some cases, already on life support. (Hope you enjoyed that little dab o’gun imagery.)

Campus speech codes have long been criticized as free speech “chillers,” but that isn’t stopping universities all over the country from continuing their attacks on free expression – particularly free expression of a political nature. What’s more, with every PC incursion into free expression, common sense gets kicked a little further out the door. In fact, on some campuses, it’s on permanent sabbatical.

So, what’s a prospective college student (or parent) to do?

Well, how about joining us on a metaphorical college road trip? We’ll make a circle tour of the United States, and take a closer look at some schools where having an original thought is not celebrated as a triumph of academic freedom, but punished as a thought crime – and where it seems the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Let’s start with – of course – the vaunted Ivy League…

10. Princeton peabrains (chickpea brains)

What is it with these pro-Palestinian groups? Don’t they want us to be healthy? After all, nutritionists say hummus is a great high protein snack, made as it is with chickpeas. I’ll bet Michelle Obama LOVES hummus (or, loves for US to eat it). But the Israel-haters hate Sabra hummus, because it’s partially owned by an Israeli company. So when they’re not protesting Sabra by terrorizing innocent grocery store patrons… they’re kicking up a stink about it on college campuses.

The Princeton Committee on Palestine kicked up such a big stink that the college held a referendum election on whether an alternative brand of hummus should be offered to students (hey Princeton parents, aren’t you glad that pricey tuition is being used wisely?). So for three days, students went to the polls to cast a vote on this internationally pivotal issue… and in a rare display of common sense, the students actually defeated the ridiculous referendum. However, in an un-rare display of kowtowing to asinine Left-leaning demands, the university says it’s willing to continue working with student activists on this matter.

If the referendum had passed, a delightfully snarky editorial in the New York Daily News was already standing by with suggestions for how the students could “truly honor their convictions” if they wanted to wash their hands of all things Israeli:
“Trade that computer for an abacus; Intel, the ubiquitous chipmaker, does business in Israel. Stop wearing Hanes underwear and J. Crew shirts. Stop watching CNN. Stop sneezing into Kleenex. Stop eating anything cooked on a GE range or chilled in a GE refrigerator. The kids should also stop paying taxes or, for that matter, living in America. Because tax dollars support the Israeli military.”
Yeah, Princeton Palestinians – how about putting your money where your big fat mouths are?

Next: The food wars continue!

Looks good to me! What's the problem?

9. UC Irvine gets all huffy about fried chicken-n-waffles

Okay, so let’s get this straight. On Cinco de Mayo, a lot of us indulge in tacos and margaritas. On Chinese New Year, lo mein and fried rice. On St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef and cabbage (never really popular with the kids, that one). On the Fourth of July, hot dogs and apple pie. College cafeterias across the country also often place these items on their menus on the appropriate days.

In other words, we have a long history of tying culturally-based holidays to food.

Moving on. Throughout the country there are a number of specialty restaurants (including one founded by soul singer Gladys Knight) that serve what is often referred to as a soul food tradition – chicken and waffles. Soul food, as in food associated in some way with black culture.

SO. It is not too awfully shocking that the chef and some cafeteria workers at UC Irvine decided to offer chicken and waffles on Martin Luther King Day.


A member of the Black Student Union at UCI, just itching for a chance to play his victim card, lodged a formal complaint. He was offended, apparently, by the offering of a traditionally black-favored food on a traditionally black-favoring holiday.

And because of his foot-stomping snitfest, all managers and chefs for the company that provides dining services at UCI now have to pay for this thoughtcrime by sitting through “cultural sensitivity training” designed to brainwash them into mindless conformity with prevailing political correctness. (Well, that last part’s not in the “cultural sensitivity training” brochure, but I’m pretty sure that is the intent nonetheless.)

Next: How do campuses become such hotbeds of lunacy?

8. Nothing is Right at Wright State University – the arrogance of the leftist nutty professor

There is a reason that college campuses are pretty much the only place where firestorms regularly ignite over something as stupid as waffles or chickpeas, and it’s got a whole lot to do with the inmates who are running these asylums – the professoriate. Rogue professor (and national columnist) Mike Adams recently profiled a brave dissenter, like Adams himself. Professor William Irvine teaches philosophy at Wright State and recently weighed in on his school’s decision to invite the Reverend Jeremiah Wright to campus (despite the name share, there is no relation, I assume, between Wright State and the race-baiting hater preacher).

Professor Irvine welcomed Reverend Wright to campus, because he “believes that a university should be a marketplace of ideas.” But he went on to note that the marketplace is “curiously one-sided in the speakers it brings to campus.” People like the Reverend Wright (“God Damn America”) and Angela Davis (she bought guns used by her friends to kill a judge and was a fugitive on the FBI’s most wanted list) have been invited and, as Adams says, “paid to speak on campus at considerable expense to the taxpayer.”

So, Professor Irvine suggested to his colleagues that the university should invite some conservatives. One colleague responded by saying, “You mean someone like Glenn Beck?” As Adams succinctly puts it,
“This kind of reaction shows how off-center our universities have become. What educated person could consider Glenn Beck to be more extreme than Angela Davis? Another professor reacted to Irvine’s reasonable suggestion by saying that it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring any Holocaust deniers to campus. The statement is an odd one indeed. It suggests that most conservatives refuse to accept the Holocaust as fact.”
There are INDEED people who reject the Holocaust as fact, but they aren’t conservatives. In fact, nutty professors, you welcomed one of them to one of our “top” colleges just a few years back! Remember?
Now we know where the term “absent-minded professor” comes from. These guys are literally absent a mind.

Next: If they’re not welcome as speakers, conservatives certainly aren’t welcome as professors…

7. University of Kentucky nixes professor even they admit is the most outstanding applicant

Professor Martin Gaskell is respected as a superbly qualified astronomer. And he is now $125,000 richer, thanks to the taxpayers of Kentucky, because he decided to sue (and who can blame him) after the University of Kentucky refused to hire him based on his alleged religious beliefs.

You see, he’s an outspoken Muslim and the other faculty members could not tolerate him practicing Islam , so – what? You’re not buying that? How very astute of you.

Yeah, okay, he’s not a Muslim. In fact, I don’t know for sure what he is. But I do know that he has expressed sympathy for the scientific concept of intelligent design. And that, alone, is enough to get you boxed out and silenced at many American universities.

Email traffic flowing among the various members of the University of Kentucky faculty hiring committee show the professors worrying that Gaskell was… GASP… “potentially Evangelical.” HORRORS! An astrophysicist on the committee noted that Gaskell might be rejected “despite his qualifications that stand far above those of any other applicant.”

As upsetting as this is, it is far from an isolated incident. David Klinghoffer outlines a number of such academic abominations in an article on National Review Online, pointing out this rot in academia:
“An enormous, largely hidden transformation has taken place in what we mean when we speak of ‘science.’ For centuries, the free and unfettered scientific enterprise was fueled by a desire to know the mind of God. ‘The success of the West,’ writes historian Rodney Stark in his important book The Victory of Reason, ‘including the rise of science, rested entirely on religious foundations, and the people who brought it about were devout Christians.’ Now, increasingly, voicing such a desire is likely to get you excluded from the guild of professional scientists.”
Very likely, as Ben Stein’s excellent and thoughtful movie Expelled made crystal clear. And, as the backlash Stein suffered as a result of Expelled makes crystal clear. Boy, he really made those folks over at Scientific American squirm.

Next: Taking a sucker punch…

6. University of Arizona uses campus email server to take a shot at conservatives

Imagine. You’re a conservative student at the University of Arizona, and you pop open your laptop one fine morning and get ready to log in to the campus email system. The publicly-provided school server always offers a “quote of the day,” and you take a moment to check out today’s offering. And BOOM – you take this sucker punch:
“Two symbols of the [GOP]: an elephant, and a big fat white guy who is threatened by change.”

Graduate student Jeffrey Koessler reported this incident, stating:
“I found it discriminatory and racist in nature, while reinforcing the double standard that exists regarding liberal and conservative philosophies…imagine the outrage had the quote been about [liberals] and included similar racist comments.”
Indeed. Let’s imagine! You’re a leftist student at the university, and you pop open your laptop, log in to the university’s server, and read this:
“Two symbols of the Democratic Party: a donkey, and an anorexic black guy with no birth certificate.”
Ha ha ha! Now that IS funny!

But the serious question is, why is the staff responsible for the “big fat white guy” remark not being forced into mandatory “sensitivity training” like the poor cafeteria workers?

Next: Midterm election fun!

5. Loyola University Chicago bans free speech – at least before the midterms

In a particularly egregious assault on academic freedom and free inquiry, Loyola University Chicago refused to allow conservative speaker Karl Rove to speak on its campus this past fall prior to the midterm elections. A high level Loyola staff member said the Rove event would be “problematic given the campaign cycle.”


Well, all right. It’s not as if Loyola has ever let anyone else talk politics in the months leading up to an election. And especially not any, you know, leftists.

Unless you count Howard Dean. Or Ralph Nader. But I mean, other than that.

For this offense, Loyola University Chicago received the coveted (by leftists) number one ranking for top PC offense of the year from Young America’s Foundation.

Congratulations, Loyola, on your recognition as a bastion of (the suppression of) honest discourse!

Now at some other colleges, they talk a LOT about politics in the weeks before an election. In fact, they’ll even help you fill out your ballot!

Next: A high-level university staffer shows a great deal of chutzpah (in a bad way)…

4. Winston Salem State University – let us help you vote

Yeah, you don’t have to do any pesky thinking, or anything like that, at Winston Salem. Because the university’s chancellor of student affairs, one Michelle Redford, does it for you!

Redford sent an email to all 6,400 students, staff and faculty prior to the recent midterm elections, encouraging them to vote early – and for Democrats!  The email went on to encourage university employees and students, at this taxpayer-funded public school, to visit the Democratic Party website in order to volunteer for the Democrats.

Now, Redford claims it was an honest mistake. She accidentally overlooked the email’s political biases and forwarded it on to everyone, supposedly just to encourage them to vote.


Our list of leftist thoughtcriminals who need “re-educating” is getting long, isn’t it? Who will force Michelle Redford into some mandatory sensitivity training?

Next: The leftist mob mentality strikes again…

3. Washington University’s student government caves to the leftist bullies and bans Bristol Palin

I like the way Jonathon Burns put it over at Big Journalism:
“Let’s imagine that Washington University’s student government decided to put on a conference on race. Let’s say they invited Al Sharpton as guest speaker, and in initial negotiation, agreed to pay him his usual $30-50,000 speaking fee. Finally, let’s say at the last minute, a number of bigoted students protested Sharpton, and then the student government decided to pull the plug on Sharpton out of fear of the protesting, bigoted students. What do you think Sharpton’s response would be? …He’d have the heads of the entire Washington University administration.. he’d want public apologies from dozens of people, sensitivity training for the student government… he’d publicly embarrass the students and the school… so my question for Bristol Palin is: What concessions are you seeking?”
It’s a legitimate question. The Student Health Advisory Committee at Wash U had contacted Bristol to join a panel discussion on sexual abstinence in a college setting during the school’s annual “Sex Week.” (Aside to parents: Aren’t you glad you’re paying for all that?) Anyway, Bristol’s point of view isn’t usually well represented during discussions of college sexuality, so this was a refreshing change. But not a popular one, as it turns out. And the organizers, in a particularly juvenile display, fired her. Listen to committee spokesman Ryan McCombe:
“I have been getting emails, text messages and phone calls from people at universities across the country, laughing at me. Everyone is so riled up about this that there’s not even a point of bringing her here, nobody is going to be able to listen”
People are laughing at him! Well, clearly that can’t be tolerated. Dump Bristol now!

So because of a bunch of bigmouth students hate Bristol Palin (and, of course, her mom), her viewpoint IS NOT WELCOME at Washington University. Again, writer Burns sums it up neatly:
“Let’s not kid ourselves, here. What has transpired at Wash U is nothing short of bigotry and hate. These students weren’t protesting Bristol because she’s some evil mass murderer. No, they’re protesting her because they hate her. Yes. Hate. They hate everything Bristol represents, and they hate the fact that proponents of abstinence and others who share Bristol’s family-oriented culture suddenly have a beautiful, popular advocate – who can dance!”
I wonder what makes leftists the angriest – that Bristol kept her baby instead of aborting him, or that she now tries to warn others to avoid behavior that will result in an unwed pregnancy? Or is it that she’s pretty? Or is it that she’s a Palin?

Well, in any event, Bristol is persona non grata, but murderous leftists like Angela Davis are welcomed with open arms. Your tax dollars at work.

Next: Those leftist speakers on campus? Don’t respond to them the wrong way, OR ELSE…

2. Rutgers University student advocates violence against pro-Israel student

Never Again for Anyone is a fairly vile organization currently touring American campuses and lefty churches to compare modern Israel to the Nazi regime. It perpetuates, to students too lazy and intellectually-retarded to research it for themselves, the easily-debunked myth of a shadowy “Israel lobby” that acts a giant world puppetmaster, wreaking havoc and evil everywhere you turn. Amazing, isn’t it, how often today’s Jew-haters use the Nazi analogy? I mean, it really is a case of “up is down” when you accuse a people of being the very monsters who perpetrated unspeakable atrocities on them.

Anyway, the Never Again folks recently visited Rutgers, and a Rutgers student named Aaron Marcus wrote a well-reasoned defense of the pro-Israel viewpoint in the student newspaper, pointing out the hypocrisy of comparing the gassing and butchering of 6 million Jews to the current complex situation in Gaza. He did not call for any violence. He did not personally attack anyone. He presented historical facts and asked his readers to consider the implications.

For this, a fellow Rutgers student went to Facebook and posted this, about Marcus:
“Id (sic) be happy to beat him with a crowbar. Violence doesn’t solve problems but it shuts up people who shouldnt  (sic) speak”
And then – at least seven of his Facebook friends clicked “like” on the message, to indicate their approval. One of them even added his own comment:
“Or makes them martyrs, furthering the strength behind their beliefs. And skinning them alive so they see the afterlife.”
Isn’t that nice? The civility thought police were noticeably absent on this one, but the real police were called, and rightly so, by young Mr. Marcus who had good reason to seek police protection.

Next: In which we leave college and go backward to high school…

1. They may as well get used to it now – high schoolers denied right to tell the truth

Young America’s Foundation is of course active on college campuses, as noted earlier (and thanks again to them for providing some of the stories in this article, including this one).

But kids sometimes get involved in YAF during high school, as well. Some of these young liberty-lovers recently got a rude welcome into the world of conservative activism.

Students at Buena High in the town of Sierra Vista, Arizona, were trying to participate in YAF’s “No More Che Day.” Che Guevara, of course, was a mass murderer and an international terrorist. But lefties love him! You can often see his visage printed on lefty tee-shirts and such. (Click here to buy all your revolutionary gear! Does anyone else see the irony of this money-making for profit website selling… oh, never mind.)

Anyway, sick and tired of the leftist progaganda machine holding this thug up as a hero, the “No More Che Day” event was supposed to involve hanging posters that exposed Che’s murderous Communist past. One of the young conservatives approached her principal about hanging the posters, as per school policy. But the principal was not impressed with this adherence to school poster-hanging regulations.

No, the principal saw this as an opportunity to do a little re-education of her own. She told the student that the kids needed to learn more about Latin American history. That calling Che a murderer was “simply an opinion” that was offensive to those who think of him as a hero.

So, can we hang the posters?


On behalf of conservatives everywhere, I’d like to thank the Buena High principal for making our jobs easier. Because, you see, after experiencing leftist thought suppression and bullying tactics firsthand, these kids, at least, will never be lured to the dark side during college, like so many unsuspecting kids are. They’ve seen the monster up close, and know what is lurking ahead.

So, we’ve criss-crossed the country and seen PC groupthink in action from sea to shining sea. Further examples can be found, unfortunately, on almost every college campus (although there are a few notable exceptions, like Hillsdale, Grove City College and certain Christian schools, where leftism is not institutionalized).

The takeaway? If your child’s headed off to college, make sure he/she has the intellectual ammunition needed to fight the leftist battles. David Horowitz’ book Reforming Our Universities should be required parental reading. And kids – find the campus chapter of College Republicans, or YAF, or someplace where you can find support. I guarantee that these groups will be smaller than their leftist counterparts on almost every campus – but you’re not going to college to become a lemming, so there’s no need to act like one!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Underage Sex Slavery? Planned Parenthood Gives It the Big Thumbs Up!

I thought we all agreed that human trafficking was evil. I thought we all agreed the sex trafficking, in particular, is an assault on human dignity. I thought we all agreed that young teens should be protected. I thought we all agreed that bringing teenage girls into this country so that they can be abused by men is repugnant.

Well, apparently we don’t all agree on that.

Watch the video below, just released over at Big Journalism. But keep your blood pressure medication handy. This is the most infuriating thing I’ve seen in a long time, and makes the ACORN scum caught on tape look like jaywalkers in comparison.

The manager of Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey’s second largest clinic has all kinds of help for a local pimp who makes it very clear that he’s running a ring of underage sex slaves illegally brought into the country. He makes this clear to the woman in charge, who not only feels no compunction to report anything, but goes out of her way to help him figure out how to avoid getting caught as he enslaves young girls smuggled here illegally in prostitution, gets them infected with STDs, gets them pregnant, and gets the babies aborted.

Talk about customer service. The manager even helps the pimp plan how best to use his 14-year-old prostitutes to keep making money after they get abortions, and that’s just one of about a dozen truly nauseating things this woman has to say.

She also offers her opinion on how much input “Mom” should have on a 14-year-old (or younger) girl’s “reproductive health.” Hey, it’s none of Mom’s darn business. Now the pimp, that’s another story.

This is mind-bogglingly twisted. And you cannot assume that this is an isolated incident. That the filmmakers just happened to stumble into the one Planned Parenthood clinic in all of America where a certifiably evil person is in charge.

This is utterly shameful.

These CRETINS, these people who run Planned Parenthood, get millions and millions of YOUR money. They are taxpayer funded. And this is what they are doing.

So, are you okay with that, American taxpayer?

Top 6 Stupid Things the Left is Saying or Doing Regarding Egypt

The internet age has exponentially increased the raw speed with which the Left starts spewing nonsense about any event in the news, and the proportional raw speed with which we all start hearing about it (and laughing hysterically). Current events in Egypt are no exception to this sad little trend.

One of the first things the Left does in any crisis is immediately look to assign blame. One wonders at the source of this constant obsession with finding fault. “It wasn’t me!” is what the naughtiest children always say, while they point the finger at their little brother. Those children grow up to be leftists, apparently.

The Egyptian situation was about 7 seconds old when Chris Matthews first blamed George W. Bush. Not very original, of course, but I’ll give him points for consistency.

Ah, but there’s more blame to be spread around!

So let’s start with a few more people/places/things that we can blame for this whole mess in Egypt…

6. It’s the Jews, stupid

You know. The Jews! They own all the media, they control foreign policy – of course this is their fault. Well, that’s what Media Matters thinks, anyway. This George Soros-funded organization spends an awful lot of time accusing Glenn Beck of being anti-semitic, as Jeff Dunetz points out at the Big Journalism site, but they need to look into a big shiny mirror, because their solution, courtesy of self-hater M.J. Rosenberg, is to blame AIPAC and the so-called Israel Lobby (which Dunetz points out is just a politically correct way of saying – “da Jews”).

So this tool of the Left, Rosenberg, says that if only stubborn Israel had just implemented all of the Camp David accords, we wouldn’t be in this mess now. And it’s Israel’s fault that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas would not agree to peace deals? Yup, apparently. And while we’re at it, Jews (of the AIPAC variety) are also capital B bad because they demonize Iran! As Rosenberg says,
“Later this spring, AIPAC will host its annual conference which will, as has been the case for a decade, feature mind-numbing warnings about the danger posed by an Iranian nuclear bomb.”
Can I just point out that anyone who is not alarmed by the danger of an Iranian nuclear bomb is already the walking definition of “numb mind”?

Okay wait. It’s not the Jews and George W. Bush! It’s actually…

5. It’s global warming!

Ha ha. I’m just kidding. Even the leftists wouldn’t be dumb enough to blame the Egyptian crisis on “climate change”, for pity’s sake!

Oops, not so fast. My mistake! Apparently, they ARE dumb enough.

As Noel Sheppard reports, “climate alarmist extraordinaire” Joe Romm connects all the dots for us (punch your ticket – it’s time to get on the crazy train again!). According to Romm:

This summer’s “extreme global weather” raised fears of a COMING FOOD CRISIS involving something called GLOBAL FOOD SECURITY which is stretched to the BREAKING POINT which translates to FOOD RIOTS which means VIOLENCE THAT TOPPLES GOVERNMENTS!!!

Or as Romm puts it himself,
“Energy insecurity and climate instability have now become key factors in food insecurity, which in turn has become a key factor in toppling governments.”
Food insecurity? That sounds like a malady afflicting self-conscious pre-teen girls. And similar creatures, like Joe Romm.

As Sheppard points out,
“I guess if Egyptions, after decades of poor treatment by a corrupt, authoritarian government, revolt and possibly topple said government, it’s because in the past 160 years, the planet’s temperature has risen by approximately (and debatably!) one degree Celsius.”
Yeah – THAT’S IT!

All right. Now that we know whose fault all this is, time to move on to more important issues, like not wasting a good crisis!

4. Commies use Egypt to get their propaganda on

Check out this photo-that’s-worth-a-thousand-words:

Yeah. Those wacky Marxists. They support the overthrow of the Tunisian government, and the overthrow of the Mubarak regime, and the overthrow of the… wait a second. Isn’t there a word for that, when you want to overthrow the U.S. government – what is that again, the word is right there on the tip of my tongue… uh…


These commies are from the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts. But a group of of them in Florida proved that small minds think alike.

Okay, so moving down the leftist checklist – BLAME. Check. TWIST CRISIS TO OWN POLITICAL ENDS. Check. Hmmm… what’s next?

3. Party on!

Okay, this makes sense. Just follow me here. Sunday’s supposed to be a day of rest, right? And the Anointed One is nothing if not a good Christian who likes to follow Biblical principles, right? So after putting in a solid hour of thinking and talking about the fact that Cairo was ON FIRE this past Sunday, it was long past time for a rest! Time to kick back, relax, and get your groove on with presidential suck-ups like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The occasion? A going-away party for David Axelrod, who’s headed back to Chicago to start figuring out how to get his boss re-elected. Reports indicate the Prez put in a good two hours at the party. That’s a 2-to-1 ratio of party-to-work – seems fair for a crisis day, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not like he went and played golf or something!

And speaking of presidential suck-ups – here’s a guest list of “journalists” in attendance: ABC’s Jake Tapper; NBC’s Chuck Todd; CNBC/NYT’s John Harwood; and Major Garrett of the National Journal. I guess Garrett’s all buddy buddy now with hostess Linda Douglass, also of that very magazine. But Douglass was literally Obama’s mouth during passage of the healthcare bill, as head shill for the legislation. Good grief, what a collection of pompous windbags, all sucking up at the same time. Must have created quite a vortex there on Dupont Circle.

Anyway, the takeaway lesson is: although we don’t waste crises, we never let them get in the way of a good time, either! Don’t worry. Be happy.

Which brings us to the biggest stupid thing from the Left during this pivotal crisis…

2. Muslim Brotherhood? No worries!

Everybody just simmer down now. You see, there is a genius named Bruce Riedel who says nobody needs to concern their pretty little heads with the Muslim Brotherhood. Who is Riedel? He’s an “expert” in the Middle East who is now an Obama advisor. So he’s really, really smart and stuff. To clarify, Roger Kimball at Pajamas Media calls him a “scholar at the Brookings Institution for Triangulation, Appeasement and Reasons to Blame America First” ha ha ha. Kimball also compares Riedel to Mad Magazine’s iconic Alfred E. Neuman:

“Mr. Riedel is equal in wisdom and general outlook to Mad Magazine’s house philosopher. He has enjoyed superior dentistry, but his motto is the same: ‘What, me worry?’”
See, Riedel doesn’t think the Muslim Brotherhood is scary at all. He says they renounced violence looong ago. Why, they’re really just warm-and-fuzzy Marxists, according to Riedel:

“(The Muslim Brotherhood) has an enormous social-welfare infrastructure that provides cheap education and health care.” And works to ensure things like fair elections! Well, shoot. Let’s bring ‘em over here – we could use some help on stuff like that, too.

Except: Everything Riedel says is a lie. I couldn’t put it better than Kimball does:
“The truth about the Muslim Brotherhood is somewhat – no, it is categorically different… The Brotherhood did not suddenly become violent (or ‘more violent’) during World War II. It was violent from its origins two decades earlier… the Muslim Brotherhood is about instituting sharia, i.e., Islamic law, by means of jihad.”
Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online refutes Riedel directly:
“To this day, the Brotherhood’s motto remains, ‘Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!’”
Riedel seems to be cut from the same cloth as the know-nothings who told us, back in the 70s, that the Ayatollah Khomeini was not to be feared. He wasn’t an Islamist extremist! No sir! He was the people’s choice, someone we could work with, after they ran the shah out of town.

Remember how that all turned out? Well, leftists don’t. They seem to be afflicted with some sort of selective memory disorder, like this dippy CNN anchor who thinks the Muslim Brotherhood has worked tirelessly and courageously to help the poor. Uh, yeah. Whatever.

These people on the Left and in the media (who are we kidding? That’s the same people!) – well, none of them are hearing the wise voices urging great caution, like the former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie Gelb:
“The Muslim Brotherhood supports Hamas and other terrorist groups, makes friendly noises to Iranian dictators and torturers, would be uncertain landlords of the critical Suez Canal, and opposes the Egyptian-Israeli agreement of 1979, widely regarded as the foundation of peace in the Mideast. Above all, the (Brotherhood) would endanger counterterrorism efforts in the region and worldwide.”
And in an amazing feat of colossally mind-boggling inanity, the number one stupid thing the Left has said or done regarding Egypt…

1. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is Just Like Christian Conservatives Here in the U.S.!

Of COURSE they are.

So, another loony tune professor from one of the University of California schools (I know – that’s a shocker, right?) name of Reza Aslan has apparently distinguished himself as a bona fide moron before all this. Because he argued, with a straight face, that there is no such thing as sharia law. Yup, those people in Muslim countries getting stoned and flogged and burned with acid and mutilated and killed – whatever it is, it’s NOT sharia. Let’s just be clear about that.

Now, apparently after an extended navel-gazing session, this paragon of All That Is Truth has come up with another revelation: The Muslim Brotherhood is just like self-confessed Christians Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Rick Santorum. How so, you ask (as well you might). Well, it’s like this. Huckabee and Santorum, and other dumb Americans like them (read: you and me), don’t seem to understand that a healthy democracy can coincide with Islamic law and “values.” And yet – here’s the irony that just floors Professor Aslan – those SAME CHRISTIANS do see how Christianity can coincide with a healthy democracy!

See! Those Christians are HYPOCRITES, because they claim their faith works alongside democracy, but they don’t think Islam will work alongside democracy. Dumb, hypocritical Christians!

Except that… Christianity and democracy have worked together side by side for 200+ years. In fact, Christianity is a big part of the reason why we have a democratic republic now.

Of course, Islam can also be credited with working hand-in-hand with free democracies. Just look at the country of… um… [scratching my head]… uh…

Never mind.
To bring this full circle, remember that blame game with which we kicked off this merry tour of leftist insanity? Well, as the situation in Egypt unfolded, the Muslim Brotherhood finally weighed in with their version of who’s to blame. I know – took ‘em long enough, right? Well, here’s the verdict:

Egypt is imploding because of… (wait for it)…  “America’s foolish policies.”

Well, DUH!