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5 Facts to Win Every Argument on the Left's Unhinged Reaction to All Crises (Japan Edition)

What is there not to love about Rahm Emanuel? He’s the proud owner-operator of one of the foulest mouths in politics, he doesn’t have to live in a city to win its mayoral race, he’s linked to countless cases of political corruption and he’s given the world one of the most overused phrases in politics: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste (NLAGCGTW).

Ol’ Rahm did us all a favor, in a way. That phrase has been a leftist modus operandi for years, but Americans were largely unaware of the strategy until Rahm let the cat out of the bag.

The Left’s reaction to one of the most potent natural disasters to ever strike a Western nation – the earthquake and accompanying tsunami that has devastated Japan – is merely the latest proof that, for leftists, Rahm’s Law is on a par with one of the ten biblical commandments. (Come to think of it, it’s way more important than biblical commandments, since leftists break those with frequent and casual disregard.)

Leftist reaction to this event-of-biblical-proportions has ranged from crass opportunism to bald-faced deceit to unhinged hysteria. Welcome to the Japan Edition of NLAGCGTW:

No more nukes? How about no more lies? 

5. Nuclear energy is safe

This response could not have been more predictable.

As Japan raced to ensure its nuclear reactors were contained, the drumbeat from the “no coal-no oil-no nukes-know nothing” crowd heated up. These are the permanent Fantasyland residents who want us to power our world with sunlight, cool breezes, and magical pixie dust. For this granola-for-brains crowd, any excuse to shut down nuclear power is a good one, because they simply refuse to consider facts.

For instance, the fact that Ted Kennedy killed more people than Three Mile Island ever did.

Here’s another interesting one. By living your life in Denver, Colorado, you are exposed to more radiation (because of radon) than people in New York City. If all those people were forced to move to New York, 4800 lives could be saved! (Of course, different perils await in the Big Apple – can you die of high taxes, for instance?)

Anyway, this kind of reality-check is woefully underutilized by our friends in the “old media,” who have been shamelessly parroting the leftist talking point that Japan “proves” we need to get rid of nuclear power plants. After all, this is Japan’s Chernobyl! (Line best delivered with breathless and alarmed sincerity.)

So let us take a moment to actually consider the facts about Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster in history by far. Dr. Jay Lehr, science director at the Heartland Institute, explains:
“(At) Chernobyl, where there was no containment structure… 10 years later when all the facts were in, there were less than 10 fatalities from that explosion – only people right near the plant were affected by the radiation. A thousand people got leukemia, 998 were cured… It was predicted that tens of thousands of people would get cancer… this never happened. This is not an atomic bomb and people don’t understand a nuclear reactor is something very different than an atomic bomb.”
No one is denying that being killed in an explosion in a nuclear plant (well, being killed in any explosion, actually) is horrible. Nor is radiation poisoning an attractive fate. However, as Dr. Lehr pointed out, nuclear power plant accidents are not akin to atomic bombs; nor are the results similar in any way, shape or form.

That isn’t stopping the Leftmeisters from attempting to make hay with Japan’s nuclear plants, however. Keith Olbermann, ranting to the minuscule audience that reads his pathetic Fox News-mocking blog, said that nuclear power plants are “doomsday machines.” Doomsday machines! Keith – are the transformer robots coming to get us, too? Good grief. No over-the-top hysteria or fearmongering there!

There is a great deal of common sense out there for those calm and intelligent enough to consider it. I invite Olby and his legion of fans (all 37 of them) to consider this – or this, written in language that even a leftist can understand. Hey you guys, it has colorful pictures, too – always a plus!

Next: Biggest damage? Reaction to the reactor. Here’s another fact to help you win every argument on the nuclear crisis in Japan…

4. The two biggest casualties of nuclear fearmongering: mental health and the reputation of the U.S.

Let’s start with our world reputation, which the old media informs us is much better under the soothing ministrations of Dear Leader. But as he has shown throughout his relatively brief time in the Oval Office, President Obama seems far more interested in appeasing our enemies than playing nice with our friends. And Japan is – was – one of our best friends.

These reports did not receive much attention, at least in the old media. One wonders why not? Both the BBC and a newspaper in Singapore reported a fairly significant piece of political gamesmanship in a story headlined “Japan rejected early U.S. help on nuclear disaster”:
“According to the unnamed senior (Japanese) official, U.S. support was based on dismantling the troubled reactors…”
So, the United States government put a condition on offering help, and that condition was to permanently cripple the country’s electrical generating capacity? To score “greenie” points?

Well, the State Department has denied the original story. But as other bloggers are pointing out, it certainly bears investigating.

The other big casualty of the reactor story? Peace of mind. There is a price to be paid for the needless hysteria generated by a media only too happy to conjure up images of Hiroshima. And we have seen this price paid before, as pointed out by writer Paul Gregory, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. This is from his discussion of the authoritative report on Chernobyl published in 2005:
“Strikingly, the report labels the mental health impact of Chernobyl as ‘the largest public health problem created by the accident’ and partially attributes this damaging psychological impact to a lack of accurate information. These problems manifest as negative self-assessments of health, belief in a shortened life expectancy, lack of initiative, and dependency on assistance from the state.”
Gregory goes on to note that the current rash of irresponsible media reports will likely create an even worse mental health impact for the Japanese people, as the press feeds upon baseless statements like that of the European Union’s energy chief, who described the situation as “an apocalypse.”
“The media also pounce on pronouncements like radiation ‘twenty times normal’… no one bothers to explain what twenty times more than about zero actually means in terms of health risks.”
There will be no real life tragic consequences as the lefties fantasize – in fact, there is significant evidence of the opposite, as Ann Coulter reported this past week.

But there will be real life tragic consequences from the hysteria:
“Consumers throughout the world will now fear Japanese products. The Japanese people will conclude that they face a life of poor health, in a suicide-prone society. There may be a rash of abortions, such as in the wake of Chernobyl, as expectant parents fear birth defects. Countries like Germany, confronted with a politically powerful anti-nuclear power lobby, will shut down their nuclear reactors at huge costs.”
He’s right about Germany. And he’s probably right about the rest of it, as well.

Next: Let science speak…

3. Despite reports to the contrary, global warming is not the cause of every earthly disaster

No scientists are postulating a link between global warming and earthquakes. Because if there were, they’d be on the front page of the New York Times and all over MSNBC. Instead, we have “scientists” like these geniuses taking to Twitter to share their wisdom with the world:
“An earthquake with an 8.9 magnitude struck Japan… and some say climate change isn’t real?!”
Yeah! Who can possibly not connect those two dots!
“Events like the Japan earthquake and tsunami MUST keep climate change at forefront of policy thought”
Because back in the old days before evil people started driving cars and using spray deodorant and stuff, there were no earthquakes! Oh, wait…

Anyway, this guy wasn’t a believer – UNTIL NOW:
“Never really believed all this global warming talk, but after the earthquake in NZ and today in Japan. Maybe we’ve ruined the world.”
And – as if you needed another example of the propaganda that passes for education in today’s public schools – consider this poorly written and emotionally charged message:
“While Japan witnessed an earthquake we were talking about the problems that global warming leads to in school. Think. Pray. And change.”
Perhaps it wasn’t poorly written, and he really did mean they were talking about the problems that global warming leads to in school – like not studying real science, and an inability to think critically. But hey, he’s advocating prayer in school. Something for everyone!

Next: Throwing away our money won’t make the world a safer place…

2. Spending money we don’t have won’t make us safer

The very worst kind of political posturing, after a tragedy, is to accuse one side of wanting it to happen – or causing it to happen, as the leftists did with the Giffords shooting and their persistent attempts to pin that on the Tea Party. The Japanese earthquake was only hours into the history books when the Democrats pulled out this particular dirty playbook again.

Senator John Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) called the disaster a “cruel wake-up call” to Republicans who had targeted the federal agency (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA) that operates the National Weather Service. Rockefeller said that cuts to NOAA prediction programs “would endanger lives.”

You know who else used this kind of propaganda? Why, the Weather Service Employees’ Organization (Union)! I didn’t even know there WAS a Weather Service Employees Organzation, but there is. And they’re pissed that those Republicans want to cut any of their funding. The union’s president had an entirely predictable response:

“The number one mission of the National Weather Service is to save lives,” said Dan Sobien. Well, that may well be, but the number one mission of the Weather Service Employees Organization is to grab as many taxpayer dollars as possible, which is, ironically, exactly the same mission as EVERY public sector union.

The media – SHOCKINGLY – came down on the side of the unions as well, with ABC’s Bill Weir discussing how that darn House of Representatives had voted to “slash funding” for the Hawaiian tsunami warning center. His colleague Clayton Sandell produced an even more biased report, asking the proverbial loaded question to a Democrat only too happy to help connect the bogus dots:
“Sandell to Thompson: If NOAA’s budget gets cut, are people’s lives more at risk?
Congressman Mike Thompson (D-California): Absolutely. This is important stuff. It’s public safety. It’s an investment in our everyday lives.
Sandell: Republicans counter that it’s up to NOAA how it spends its budget, as residents along the coast wonder how bad the next tsunami might be.”
Oh, those poor coastal residents… left shivering in fright at the thought of the next tsunami, after the wicked GOP has cut all funding for the tsunami warning system. It’s a compelling tale, no doubt.
It’s also 100% BS. Here’s what the “reporters” failed to tell us, according to the Media Research Center:
“…the funding ‘slash,’ which is only proposed and is far from implementation since it hasn’t even passed in the House, is not for any specific program inside NOAA and is for a reduction of just 7 percent, which hardly means all of NOAA’s programs must be shut down since NOAA would still be able to spend 93 percent of what they spent in the previous fiscal year.”
They might, however, have to cut a few union perks, which is probably what has the “weather union goons” all up in arms and angry enough to imply that OUR LIVES ARE ALL IN DANGER if they have to undergo even a tiny budget cut.

By the way, OUR LIVES ARE ALL IN DANGER can be filed in the same category as IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN (filed under Lies, Union).

Next: What it’s really about…

1. It’s all about Japan – not all about you and your pet issues, dear leftists

Let’s find out what Chris Matthews (aka Tingles) is thinking about this topic!

Well, apparently the very FIRST thing he thought was – good grief, thousands of people could be dead! No, that wasn’t it. What is the best way for Americans to help Japan? Still not quite right. Oh, YEAH. This was it:
“Was this sort of a good opportunity for the president to remind everybody that he grew up in the United States and Hawaii?”
Exactly! What any worshipper of Dear Leader should be thinking at all times – how does this (or any) situation affect Him?

A few days later, when the president had indeed taken Tingles’ advice, a guest on the show noted it, which resulted in much tingly pleasure:
“Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: Well what was interesting to me was, the way the President noted his personal connection to Japanese culture, having been raised in Hawaii, which has a heavy influence of, Japanese culture, he’s familiar with it. I think it affected him personally. And so, in terms of the, the humanitarian response of trying to help Japanese I think he has been as fast and, and correct as you could possibly be.

Matthews, closing the show: Gene, thank you for reminding us the President was raised in Hawaii! That the influence he felt was of the Japanese-Americans and living in Hawaii and not of the Mau Maus, which some of his more insane critics have brought up.”
Yes, I confess that the word “insane” certainly popped into my head while watching this exchange.
Leftists are funny! And by funny I mean desperately pathetic.

Need further proof? The incompetent mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villagairosa, is a Democrat (duh) who never met a camera (or a female TV reporter) that he didn’t love. Last week he blasted state Republicans who are trying to block tax hikes in an effort to save jobs in California’s sinking economy, calling it “absolutely outrageous” that they would “abdicate their responsibility, sign on to some ideological pledge that says they won’t raise revenues.” Because after all, Democrats do not believe in ideological pledges, except the one they take to protect public sector unions at all costs. And then the good mayor used this verbiage, referring not to the taxpaying families who are drowning in a sea of California red ink, but apparently to families of teacher union members:
“This would be a tsunami when you think about the devastating impact on families…”
Yup. Failing to raise taxes in California would have exactly the same effect on union teachers as the tsunami had on the town of Sendai. Except for that their homes wouldn’t be washed away and they wouldn’t die. Other than THAT, it’s EXACTLY THE SAME and that’s why I’m so proud Mayor Villaraigosa is MY mayor – he knows how to keep the focus where it belongs: on him and his agenda.

One more leftist response deserves to be noted. And that is the unspeakably vile denunciation of people like Glenn Beck – for the crime of praising the Japanese for the lack of looting. As my colleague Chris Queen points out, a Vanity Fair editor named James Wolcott (proud old media icon) applied the most tortured logic possible to twist Beck’s heartfelt tribute to Japanese society into a racist screed. According to Wolcott, what Beck (and any other conservative) really mean when they praise the calmness of the Japanese people is that black people are looters and that’s why Japan is looter-free.

Apparently Wolcott is blind to his own racism in bringing this up. So allow me to set you straight, James buddy. People don’t loot because of their skin color. They loot because they weren’t brought up to respect other people’s property – a concept with which you leftists should be entirely conversant. The reason the Japanese aren’t looting isn’t because they’re not black; it’s because they’re not disrespectful.
— — — — —
You gotta hand it to ‘em. Nobody wastes less of a crisis than a strident leftist – and the more unhinged he is, the more he can twist the crisis/panic to his own nefarious ends. Sadly, the Japanese disaster provides no exception to this rule. Rahm must be very, very proud.

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