Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bill Nye the Fearmongering Guy

So, apparently you can be, like, really enthusiastic about science – a real role model for kids – and still be a complete tool!

Bill Nye proved this point on Fox News today by blathering on at some length about how “tornadoes are almost certainly a consequence” of climate change because of “whatever it is that’s holding in all this heat and creating all this extra water vapor in the atmosphere.”

As NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard reports,
“It is indeed telling that ‘The Science Guy’ didn’t once mention the impact of this year’s La NiƱa on tornado activity which most climatologists and meteorologists on both sides of the global warming debate agree is largely the culprit.”
Then the non-Science Guy seemed to be completely stumped by a question about tornadoes in other countries, and unleashed this stream of blarney, including some completely unrelated linguistic fun:
“Well, there’s not that many other countries that have the configuration of North America to make tornadoes. And the word ‘hurricane,’ you know, is a word coined in the Caribbean, like, so this is a unique, unique area in that regard. We have the Gulf of Mexico. We have this access for cold air from Canada or from the Arctic. And these two things conspire to move the jet stream, and then that helps carry this extra water vapor across this part of the North America. So, it’s a unique place, and you don’t have this kind, you don’t have tornadoes in Norway, for example. It’s just set up different, the weather’s set up differently. Here in the U.S. it’s a serious problem.”
Whew! Got all that? It’s a conspiracy between the Gulf of Mexico and Canadian cold air! I just KNEW those two were up to something. Plus, the weather’s set up differently here! And there’s no tornadoes in Norway. Except when there are! Like here, from 2009 along Norway’s southern coast…

Or here:

Sheppard continues to demolish Nye with… wait for it… scientific facts:
“Tornadoes have been observed on every continent on this planet with the exception of Antarctica. A study of insurance records across the globe finds tornadoes causing significant losses in Europe, India, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. Although the United States typically has more tornadoes than any other country, as a function of land area, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom both actually have more. Also contrary to today’s conventional wisdom, Bangladesh is the nation with the most tornado-related deaths averaging 179 per year having also experienced the deadliest tornado in history on April 26, 1989, killing approximately 1300. That country has had at least 19 tornadoes that have killed more than 100 people, almost half the total of the rest of the world.”
As Sheppard says, so much for “The Science Guy’s” odd claim that not many other countries are as good at “making tornadoes” as we are. Why Fox News had this guy on to talk tornadoes is a mystery to me, since he seems to be nothing more than Pee Wee Herman in a lab coat. Or more accurately, Pee Wee Herman with a political ax to grind, as can be seen quite clearly right here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Adoring Girly Media Props Up Its Big Man on Campus

They'd do ANYTHING for Big Man.

Did your high school have a Big Man On Campus? You know. The football star who could do no wrong? The teachers and administrators ignored missing homework, or looked the other way when he lit a cigarette in the school parking lot – because he brought glory to the school, and everyone liked basking in that glory. So he got a pass – and he learned to be an ass. There were, sadly, always a few girls who were willing to do anything – and I do mean anything – to curry favor with Big Man. Often used and discarded, some of them even kept coming back for more abuse. These pathetic girls couldn’t get enough of serving as doormats for Big Man. One might say they literally felt a thrill go up their leg whenever he was around (or maybe that was his hand).

I think you know where I’m going with this.

The mainstream media has completely and utterly humiliated itself as far as Obama is concerned, jumping into his bed and offering themselves like the cheapest of hookers. For the most part they’ve asked no questions, but told plenty of lies on his behalf. They can’t bother to fact-check any one in a long line of his “let me be clear” statements that are patently false (although when Saturday Night Live poked a little gentle fun at him, they immediately responded with the full force of their investigative powers).

When Big Man said “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” his media “girls” practically swooned. It was like being promised a date to the prom. Maybe even an engagement ring!

Hey, media groupies – he’s not going to marry you, and it’s doubtful you’re going to the prom. He just wants you to service him in the back of the presidential limo. Don’t you get it?

Like the fickle football star, he picks and chooses which girls he will favor with his attention, and punishes those who have crossed him. Most recently, the subject of his petulant wrath was the Boston Herald, which found itself out of the loop in pool coverage of the president’s visit to Boston, because Big Man didn’t like a recent op-ed the paper published by Mitt Romney.

It’s one thing to deny an interview to a specific media outlet because you’re unhappy with them. That’s his prerogative. After all, Big Man doesn’t have to ask any one specific girl to the prom. But media pool coverage is different. He can’t demand that certain girls not be allowed to show up at the prom at all.

The ultimate example of this administration’s utter contempt for their girlie media groupies was the infamous reporter-in-a-closet incident. I say “infamous” because of course most of the girls just pretended that one of their own didn’t get locked in a closet at a Democratic fundraiser – so most people have never heard of it. Our friends at American Thinker explain:
“The Sentinel sent one reporter. Said reporter was immediately confined by a Biden advance-team member to a storage closet, given a bottle of water and kept inside by a Biden thug at the closet door. Biden’s prepared speech – but nothing whatsoever else – got ‘covered’ for the people of the U.S.A. And the intrepid press-pool-on-point ‘reporter’ limped back to the Sentinel with his little tail between his legs, happy to have had a little water to drink and a cell phone to keep him company during his confinement.
Wimp is too mild a word.”
How ‘bout a phrase? “Degraded media slut” comes to mind. The fact that this reporter didn’t shout his outrage from the rooftops – well, it speaks volumes about the state of American journalism today.

Bullies like Big Man need to be exposed, and that’s the job of the Fourth Estate. But our once-noble Fourth Estate is now, with a few exceptions, a sad little bunch of eager-to-please, self-esteem-challenged, psychologically-unhealthy teenage girls. They await, in quivering anticipation, whatever humiliation Big Man will inflict next – and they’ll be grateful for his attention.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peace & Tolerance: Leftist Double Standard Special Edition!

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that academic freedom really did reign on America’s college campuses. I know, it’s difficult to envision, but just for the sake of argument let’s pretend it exists.

So into our little fantasy, let’s introduce a character. Let’s make him one of the most influential young conservative Christians in America, who is also a teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate at Yale. (Ha ha ha! A well-known conservative Christian teaching at Yale! This is one crazy fantasy!)

And let’s say that in a lecture one day, he says the following things:

1. The Bible teaches that Islam is evil. Evil, repugnant, futile and useless.

2. Muslims, therefore, are evil.

3. God says that Muslims are spiritually filthy.

4. The life and property of Muslims hold no value when we are battling them. Here in America, this is not the place and time where we can take their lives and property, but in other places, we can, and at another time, we may do it here, as well. But not here now. Not yet.

Let’s further pretend that we have audio of this teaching, widely available on the internet.

Care to speculate on the reaction from the Left? The mainstream media? Obama?

Well, their heads would probably implode.

However, last I looked, their heads are all still intact. Which means that we have one serious double standard working here. Because leaving behind our pretend scenario and turning to cold hard reality, our young influential conservative cleric at Yale is not a Christian (of course) but a Muslim. And here’s what he has to say:

1. The Koran teaches that Christianity is evil. Evil, repugnant, futile and useless. (He calls it “shirk” or polytheism, because he misunderstands the nature of the Trinity)

2. Christians are evil. It’s important to study their teachings to understand evil.

3. Allah calls Christians filthy. People who practice “shirk” (known as “mushrikoun”) are “nejjis” – filthy.

4. The life and property of Christians (mushrikoun) hold no value in the state of jihad. Not here right now, in this country. This is not the time or place. This will be the case when we are in a state of jihad, in an Islamic state, when there is a caliphate.

The teacher in question, one Yasir Qadhi, emphasizes that he doesn’t mean in America – at least not now.

Qadhi is described by the New York Times as:
“…a fixture on the New Haven campus. He wore a trim beard and preppy polo shirts, blending in with other graduate students as he lugged an overstuffed backpack into Blue State Coffee for his daily cappuccino. A popular teaching assistant, he exuded a sprightly intensity in class, addressing the undergraduates as ‘dudes.’”
Dude! You’re filthy, repugnant and evil, and a day is soon coming when your iPod and skateboard – and head – are mine. But for now… let’s grab a cappuccino.

Of course, my analogy breaks down with #4, because Jesus Christ certainly does not teach that we are to take the lives or property of non-Christians. Even if we lived in a “Christian” state. Even if our leader was a pope or pastor or Billy Graham. It wouldn’t happen – that’s not what following Jesus is all about. That’s why we can live side by side with lots of other people who reject and even demonize the Bible and our teachings. Our Muslim friends, not so much. Islamists cannot live side by side with lots of other people who reject and even demonize their Koran and teachings. In fact, they’re not happy even if someone on the other side of the world burns one copy of their book. They’re so unhappy, in fact, that innocent people have to die because of it.

Now, which faith tradition are we calling evil, again?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Epic Fail at the Beach=Endless Summer for UNION Lifeguards

In beach lingo, THIS is the Anointed One

It’s hard for kids who grow up near the ocean in sunny Southern California. Who wouldn’t be tempted to spend all their time hangin’ at the beach, soaking up the surf, sand, sun, and bikinis? Of course, the responsible ones stay home and do their studying and go to college and get good jobs. When they grow up, if they stay in Orange County (the OC), the median annual income is $71,735. Not bad, right? They made the wise decision to hit the books instead of the beach, right? I mean, they’re way better off than the slackers who spend their lives down in the sand… right?

It utterly boggles my mind to report this, but city lifeguards in the swanky oceanside city of Newport Beach are UNIONIZED. In fact, they’ve got TWO unions – one for the full-timers and one for the part-time seasonal help.

So what I’m about to report next probably won’t surprise you one bit.

Well, okay. The lowest-paid collected $98,160.65 last year. The rest of them ranged from just over $100,000 to… wait for it… more than $200,000. (Two of them.)

That’s LIFEGUARDS, folks. You know – the job your kid had last summer? Too bad he didn’t work in Newport Beach, right? If he had, you wouldn’t have to worry about those college costs, because it would all be paid for, thanks to the dupes Newport Beach taxpayers.
Oh, we’re not done yet. I wish we were, but we’re not. The good people of the Lifeguard Management Association and the Association of Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguards were not content with obscene salaries – oh, no. That lifeguard work is stressful! Thirty years on the beach takes its toll! These poor slobs sitting in lifeguard towers their whole lives must be compensated for the tremendous burden imposed by their career choice: staring at girls, breathing crisp ocean air, tanning… you know, I’m getting choked up just thinking about the price these brave souls of the surf have paid to perform their selfless public service. Anyway, that’s the story their unions are sticking with, apparently.

Because Newport Beach lifeguards, after 30 years in the sand, can retire with 90 percent of their staggeringly inappropriate salary.

A group called Americans for Prosperity-California (wait – there are Americans who are for prosperity in California?) … anyway this brave and lonely band of right-thinkers points out that there is already at least one retiree who, if he lives to 80, will collect well over $3 million in retirement. (Strangely, that dude is doing the same thing now as when he was working – hanging out on the beach. Go figure.) And as more of these guys transition out of the lifeguard towers and down onto the sand – more and more of them will be retiring with $200K a year instead of $100K. Do the math. It’s not a day at the beach for Newport taxpayers, that’s for sure.

What does the union have to say about this?
“We have negotiated very fair and very reasonable salaries in conjunction with comparable positions… lifeguard salaries here are well within the norm of other city employees.”
THAT’S THE PROBLEM. Public worker pay is out of control in comparison to private sector salaries. Remember that OC median of $71K? That’s a median of ALL private salaries – from fast food workers to surgeons. So that median salary is $30K less than what city workers get – if they’re LIFEGUARDS.

So what have we learned, kids?

Stay in school!

Oops. No, that’s not what we learned.

We learned that public employee unions are, like, totally radical!

And I mean that in EVERY sense of the word.

Monday, May 9, 2011

U.S. Muslim Groups Reveal True Colors (Hint: Not Red White & Blue)

Protesting bin Laden's death at U.S. embassy in London

Certainly there is no lack of words about the departure from this world of the closest thing we had to a real-life Lord Voldemort. (If you're not into Harry Potter characters, you could always just insert the word "Satan.") Anyway, how we react to these pivotal news events says a lot about who we really are, our values and our priorities.

Quite a few honorable, patriotic Americans struggled a bit with how to respond to the demise of Osama bin Laden. There was definitely joy over the (vastly delayed) justice, and pride in our awesome military. But there was also sober contemplation of a life wasted in hatred and violence, and very little hope of a positive eternal reward (jokes about 72 virgins notwithstanding).

One thing none of the honorable patriots would have done was to eulogize bin Laden as a fallen hero. Only “radical Islamists” would do such a thing. Right?

The Muslim American Society  (MAS) is a group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote “Islam as a total way of life” – here in the United States. From their headquarters in the DC area, the group blamed 9/11 on Osama bin Laden “American foreign policy,” so I’m guessing they weren’t among the celebrants in front of the White House on Sunday night. (Although come to think of it, didn’t “American foreign policy” also die a somewhat horrible death… back in 2008? Hey, I think they DID celebrate that one at the White House!)

But I digress. MAS has a long and rich history intertwined with terrorism, and along with CAIR, ISNA, etc. have been named co-conspirators in funding terror. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that their (somewhat disjointed) press release on bin Laden’s death doesn’t exactly express joy over the recent turn of events. And although it doesn’t overtly criticize America for killing bin Laden – they’re all about the subtlety, those MAS folks – it doesn’t spend much time mourning the loss of life on 9/11, either. That is mentioned, in a couple of lines buried within the bigger message of this statement, which seems to be this: Osama bin Laden was a great man who made a bad mistake one day. (That day, of course, was September 11, 2001.) But before that, he was AWESOME.
“Osama bin Laden cared unrelentingly about the Afghan Muslim children in the same way he cared about his own children, and believed in the right to liberate the Afghan people from their Russian aggressors, who raped innocent women and who tried to destroy the country… they did not have rights over.”
Um… wait. Bin Laden was AGAINST trying to destroy a country you don’t “have rights over”? I guess that was before he was FOR it. And what’s all this about him being anti-rape? Who knew. Too bad he didn’t share this secretly-held conviction against raping innocent women, at least to his buddies in the field – the “boots on the ground” if you will. That would have saved one CBS reporter a hellish encounter that will no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life. Not to mention the veritable epidemic that some have referred to as the “Muslim rape culture.”

But no. MAS defends bin Laden, upon his death, as a… visionary. (I know that’s probably not the word YOU were thinking of, you Islamophobic bigot.)

And MAS is right. He was a visionary, as they say:
“…who believed in the possibility of an Islamic state in Afghanistan and the possibility that this thing might someday be. There was nothing wrong with that dream, even if it differs from that one that all Americans have here for themselves.”
The dream that Americans have here for themselves? You mean our dream of not getting blown up, even while engaged in such warlike activities as boarding a plane or sitting at our desk in a tall office building? Yeah, wacky Americans – we’re funny that way!

But in the spirit of peace-loving tolerance, let us indeed acknowledge that there was “nothing wrong” with bin Laden’s dream. It was just “different” from ours. Yes, yes, his dream was a little unorthodox, in that it involved killing all of us — but never mind that NOW. The important thing is, he had a dream! Osama, we hardly knew ye!
“That dream of a pure and merciful Islamic state in a Muslim land, never realized itself in Afghanistan.”
Uh, why was he trying to blow up this country if he just wanted to live in purity and mercy over there in the sand? Methinks that MAS doesn’t really want to be honest about bin Laden’s intentions, since he made clear only about ten-trillion times that he wanted to destroy the West.

Despite its disingenuous posturing as it attempts to distance itself from the actual 9/11 attack (the press release refers to 9/11 as a “nightmare”), here is the bottom line: MAS considered bin Laden a visionary because they share the same vision, even if they disagree on tactics.

And what is that vision? Islam for all. The West will be conquered, Allah willing. England is closer to this reality than the U.S., as could be seen during the furious protests outside the U.S. embassy this week in London.

So I mean this both literally and figuratively: read the signs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Unequivocal Proof that Fox News Sucks

Your morning joe with a message of hope and change

For all the union members screaming “Fox lies” during the Wisconsin protests… for President Obama insisting that Fox News is “destructive” for our country’s growth, and his administration attempting to de-legitimize them as a news organization by barring them from news conferences… for every logic-impaired idiot who has never actually watched Fox News but KNOWS that they aren’t journalists… here’s the proof that you’re right: screenshots of the two main cable news sites taken virtually at the same time this past weekend. If a picture tells a thousand words, these two pictures should speak volumes:

See? You were right! Fox News DOES suck, because – what real American journalists would concern themselves with devastating tornadoes in those yucky Bible belt states, when we can talk about a royal wedding on the other side of the world?

I have long suspected that a good part of the asinine “royal worship” in this country is frustrated leftists who desperately long to just pronounce themselves royalty, collect taxes from the rest of us, and wave regally from on high as we bow before them (*coughObamacough*). Leftists imagine themselves as part of the elite inner circle of the world, so it’s not at all surprising that their focus is on a pair of their own. (The groom’s daddy, by the way, is an enormous left-leaning tool.)

But I digress. Yeah. Fox News is so biased and if you watch it you’re a drooling moron and you’ll never understand How Things Really Are because Fox News lies? And did I mention, Fox lies?

At the site where this CNN/Fox comparison was displayed, there was a bracing discussion from a group of intellectual giants debating why Fox News, which is clearly not really a news organization, would have covered the tornadoes while CNN concentrated on inbred monarchy types. Allow me to share just a tiny nugget of this incisive analysis:
“(Fox is) not exercising journalistic professionalism; they’re showing a news story that they think more people will want to see. I’d imagine Fox’s target audience is more rural and midwestern on average, and this story probably hits closer to home for them. It’s all about the money, yo.”
This story hits closer to home for them? Where do YOU live, “yo”? Unless it’s in Wales or Scotland, I daresay this story should hit closer to your home, too. In fact, I kind of wish this story had actually hit your home. Oops! Violent rhetoric. Allow me to retract that statement. Although speaking of hateful rhetoric… I stand in awe of a true master of the art, writing in the same discussion thread (profanity is masked for your reading safety):
“Fox is still f***ing retarded. The devastation is known, and talking about it isn’t it going to change anything. They’re called acts of nature/god for a reason, and the bible-belt is getting hit by storms that wouldn’t be as bad if the imbeciles living there hadn’t fought so damned hard against preventing climate-change.Yeah, I said it. We all know it’s true, and the fact that people are dead shouldn’t dissuade anyone from holding this up as evidence of their stupidity and backwards thinking. What better time than now, when we can see that people are actually being killed by the extreme weather caused by global anthropogenic climate change? But Fox won’t cover that aspect of it, even though CNN has. Fox will, however, talk about all the prayer groups being held to ask a f***ing MYTHICAL SKY WIZARD to stop the tornadoes. In the BIBLE BELT. Where almost everyone is a Christian, even when they don’t believe it (because they get the s**t beat out of them if they don’t act like bible-thumpers). FoxNews: Negative Over 9000, CNN: 0, so it’s still better.”
People like this actually vote, which explains a lot, no? One doesn’t even know where to begin – the seething hatred for Christians (and their mythical sky wizard), the fact that in defiance of all scientific evidence this bitter little hater “knows it’s true” that climate change apparently parked itself over the southern states and let loose, or the journalistic genius of noting that since the tornadoes have already happened, “talking about it isn’t going to change anything.”

The mind boggles. If this doesn’t inspire you to pray (hard) for this country, I don’t know what would.

But I digress again. If any of these mental midgets could actually find the Fox News Channel on their remote, they could watch the only television news outlet where you are likely to hear a variety of views on virtually every topic. Yes, many of the commentators make their opinions clearly known. (As opposed to the Katie Courics and Dan Rathers of the world, who make their opinions clearly known while insisting that they’re objective and neutral.) But Fox News as a pure news organization is excelling, because they are not manipulating virtually all coverage to hew to the leftist party line. (For a concise example of how this type of manipulation works, see this brief deconstruction of a CNN story).

A picture tells a thousand words. Two pictures can speak volumes.