Friday, May 20, 2011

Adoring Girly Media Props Up Its Big Man on Campus

They'd do ANYTHING for Big Man.

Did your high school have a Big Man On Campus? You know. The football star who could do no wrong? The teachers and administrators ignored missing homework, or looked the other way when he lit a cigarette in the school parking lot – because he brought glory to the school, and everyone liked basking in that glory. So he got a pass – and he learned to be an ass. There were, sadly, always a few girls who were willing to do anything – and I do mean anything – to curry favor with Big Man. Often used and discarded, some of them even kept coming back for more abuse. These pathetic girls couldn’t get enough of serving as doormats for Big Man. One might say they literally felt a thrill go up their leg whenever he was around (or maybe that was his hand).

I think you know where I’m going with this.

The mainstream media has completely and utterly humiliated itself as far as Obama is concerned, jumping into his bed and offering themselves like the cheapest of hookers. For the most part they’ve asked no questions, but told plenty of lies on his behalf. They can’t bother to fact-check any one in a long line of his “let me be clear” statements that are patently false (although when Saturday Night Live poked a little gentle fun at him, they immediately responded with the full force of their investigative powers).

When Big Man said “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” his media “girls” practically swooned. It was like being promised a date to the prom. Maybe even an engagement ring!

Hey, media groupies – he’s not going to marry you, and it’s doubtful you’re going to the prom. He just wants you to service him in the back of the presidential limo. Don’t you get it?

Like the fickle football star, he picks and chooses which girls he will favor with his attention, and punishes those who have crossed him. Most recently, the subject of his petulant wrath was the Boston Herald, which found itself out of the loop in pool coverage of the president’s visit to Boston, because Big Man didn’t like a recent op-ed the paper published by Mitt Romney.

It’s one thing to deny an interview to a specific media outlet because you’re unhappy with them. That’s his prerogative. After all, Big Man doesn’t have to ask any one specific girl to the prom. But media pool coverage is different. He can’t demand that certain girls not be allowed to show up at the prom at all.

The ultimate example of this administration’s utter contempt for their girlie media groupies was the infamous reporter-in-a-closet incident. I say “infamous” because of course most of the girls just pretended that one of their own didn’t get locked in a closet at a Democratic fundraiser – so most people have never heard of it. Our friends at American Thinker explain:
“The Sentinel sent one reporter. Said reporter was immediately confined by a Biden advance-team member to a storage closet, given a bottle of water and kept inside by a Biden thug at the closet door. Biden’s prepared speech – but nothing whatsoever else – got ‘covered’ for the people of the U.S.A. And the intrepid press-pool-on-point ‘reporter’ limped back to the Sentinel with his little tail between his legs, happy to have had a little water to drink and a cell phone to keep him company during his confinement.
Wimp is too mild a word.”
How ‘bout a phrase? “Degraded media slut” comes to mind. The fact that this reporter didn’t shout his outrage from the rooftops – well, it speaks volumes about the state of American journalism today.

Bullies like Big Man need to be exposed, and that’s the job of the Fourth Estate. But our once-noble Fourth Estate is now, with a few exceptions, a sad little bunch of eager-to-please, self-esteem-challenged, psychologically-unhealthy teenage girls. They await, in quivering anticipation, whatever humiliation Big Man will inflict next – and they’ll be grateful for his attention.

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