Monday, May 9, 2011

U.S. Muslim Groups Reveal True Colors (Hint: Not Red White & Blue)

Protesting bin Laden's death at U.S. embassy in London

Certainly there is no lack of words about the departure from this world of the closest thing we had to a real-life Lord Voldemort. (If you're not into Harry Potter characters, you could always just insert the word "Satan.") Anyway, how we react to these pivotal news events says a lot about who we really are, our values and our priorities.

Quite a few honorable, patriotic Americans struggled a bit with how to respond to the demise of Osama bin Laden. There was definitely joy over the (vastly delayed) justice, and pride in our awesome military. But there was also sober contemplation of a life wasted in hatred and violence, and very little hope of a positive eternal reward (jokes about 72 virgins notwithstanding).

One thing none of the honorable patriots would have done was to eulogize bin Laden as a fallen hero. Only “radical Islamists” would do such a thing. Right?

The Muslim American Society  (MAS) is a group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote “Islam as a total way of life” – here in the United States. From their headquarters in the DC area, the group blamed 9/11 on Osama bin Laden “American foreign policy,” so I’m guessing they weren’t among the celebrants in front of the White House on Sunday night. (Although come to think of it, didn’t “American foreign policy” also die a somewhat horrible death… back in 2008? Hey, I think they DID celebrate that one at the White House!)

But I digress. MAS has a long and rich history intertwined with terrorism, and along with CAIR, ISNA, etc. have been named co-conspirators in funding terror. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that their (somewhat disjointed) press release on bin Laden’s death doesn’t exactly express joy over the recent turn of events. And although it doesn’t overtly criticize America for killing bin Laden – they’re all about the subtlety, those MAS folks – it doesn’t spend much time mourning the loss of life on 9/11, either. That is mentioned, in a couple of lines buried within the bigger message of this statement, which seems to be this: Osama bin Laden was a great man who made a bad mistake one day. (That day, of course, was September 11, 2001.) But before that, he was AWESOME.
“Osama bin Laden cared unrelentingly about the Afghan Muslim children in the same way he cared about his own children, and believed in the right to liberate the Afghan people from their Russian aggressors, who raped innocent women and who tried to destroy the country… they did not have rights over.”
Um… wait. Bin Laden was AGAINST trying to destroy a country you don’t “have rights over”? I guess that was before he was FOR it. And what’s all this about him being anti-rape? Who knew. Too bad he didn’t share this secretly-held conviction against raping innocent women, at least to his buddies in the field – the “boots on the ground” if you will. That would have saved one CBS reporter a hellish encounter that will no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life. Not to mention the veritable epidemic that some have referred to as the “Muslim rape culture.”

But no. MAS defends bin Laden, upon his death, as a… visionary. (I know that’s probably not the word YOU were thinking of, you Islamophobic bigot.)

And MAS is right. He was a visionary, as they say:
“…who believed in the possibility of an Islamic state in Afghanistan and the possibility that this thing might someday be. There was nothing wrong with that dream, even if it differs from that one that all Americans have here for themselves.”
The dream that Americans have here for themselves? You mean our dream of not getting blown up, even while engaged in such warlike activities as boarding a plane or sitting at our desk in a tall office building? Yeah, wacky Americans – we’re funny that way!

But in the spirit of peace-loving tolerance, let us indeed acknowledge that there was “nothing wrong” with bin Laden’s dream. It was just “different” from ours. Yes, yes, his dream was a little unorthodox, in that it involved killing all of us — but never mind that NOW. The important thing is, he had a dream! Osama, we hardly knew ye!
“That dream of a pure and merciful Islamic state in a Muslim land, never realized itself in Afghanistan.”
Uh, why was he trying to blow up this country if he just wanted to live in purity and mercy over there in the sand? Methinks that MAS doesn’t really want to be honest about bin Laden’s intentions, since he made clear only about ten-trillion times that he wanted to destroy the West.

Despite its disingenuous posturing as it attempts to distance itself from the actual 9/11 attack (the press release refers to 9/11 as a “nightmare”), here is the bottom line: MAS considered bin Laden a visionary because they share the same vision, even if they disagree on tactics.

And what is that vision? Islam for all. The West will be conquered, Allah willing. England is closer to this reality than the U.S., as could be seen during the furious protests outside the U.S. embassy this week in London.

So I mean this both literally and figuratively: read the signs.


  1. It always makes me moist when I see the sweet folks who represent the religion of peace gather together and scream something, or maybe even set a flag on fire.

  2. this is heavily biased rubbish!
    it's fine having an opinion, but claiming that opinion is fact?
    take the aforementioned organisations for example, did you yourself look into their actions? can you prove they funded terrorists?
    it's all well and good saying 'i read somewhere that they did' or 'someone on the news told me'
    but until you actually know for yourself then its an OPINIONsame as who was responsible for 9/11. there has been a lot of evidence covered up. i'm not saying its necessarily because the american government are responsible but it does stop us from ever truly knowing who is responsible, this is what leads to credible conspiracy theories.
    i know a few things about Jihad, first off and hugely important, it does NOT allow by means the harming of unarmed men or ANY women or children, so if Bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, what he was doing was hugely wrong in islamic terms and general moral terms and would be enjoying a lengthy stay in hell.
    but if it wasn't him then he is essentially by all definitions of the word a hero for standing for himself against american oppression. see its all down to your point of view, and to slander someone based on their point of view is ne at all acceptable. if you can PROVE that what they are saying is wrong then that in itself is enough. you shouldn't need to make sarcastic biased jokes about something you clearly dont understand properly.
    please inform me, because i really would love to know where you get most of your 'factual information' from.

  3. I would certainly agree with your implication that we cannot always know what we think we know. Much of our information comes from an increasingly corrupt and incompetent media, and they rely far too heavily on government sources. That being said, the ties between the organizations mentioned and terror funding were clear enough for the U.S. government to take action (although as a possible truther, you aren't going to like that answer). And speaking of not understanding things properly - did you really just say that if Osama wasn't responsible for 9/11 (haha) that he is a hero? So, the other terror attacks linked back to Al Qaeda don't count? Have you seen any of the things the man said? You are living in a strage and skewed dreamworld, my friend.

  4. @Kiwicatcher: Jihad in fact does have to do with harming infidels and making the world known only to allah. muhammad was a terrorist and so was bin laden--he admitted to 9/11; to say otherwise makes you a cohort or an idiot--take your pick. The Sobel family in Israel who were brutally murdered, a 3 month old child beheaded, all in the middle of the night. The following day, candy was handed out in Gaza for the killings. Apologists like you are really quite dangerous and disgusting. Either you're an appeaser or a Muslim jihadist yourself, practising taqiyya. At the very least, I would wager you're anti-Semitic--it comes with the koran and muhammad, peas be up in him.