Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Debunking the Leftist Fantasy Myths on Islam: Easy as 1-2-3

Facts. They’re important. Sometimes they’re inconvenient (*paging Rep. Weiner*) but a refusal to face them rarely – probably never – leads to a good place. So, here’s a fact. Jews have faced persecution at virtually every historical turn. Here’s another one. Before the horror of the Holocaust, a lot of people who would become enthusiastic members of the National Socialist Party, the Nazis, were saying a lot of bad things about Jews. And here’s a sad fact: A lot of Christians, as well as a lot of other people, simply looked the other way as an inferno of hatred otherwise known as Hitler’s murderous regime began to ignite.

Never again.

That Islam played a role at the highest levels of the Nazi party is also an indisputable fact. Amin Al Husseini, founder of the World Islamic Congress, was BFF with Hitler, as abundant photographic and documentary evidence attests. So it is not particularly shocking that the same Jew-hating rhetoric that poisoned Europe in the 1930s is flourishing in Islamic countries today.

However, good leftists never let facts get in the way of their fantasy narrative. And they’ve got quite a fantasy working on this issue, which includes the following three articles of faith which they hold with downright religious fervor:
  1. Islam isn’t the problem; extreme Islam is the problem.
  2. There are extremists in Christianity who are just as bad – maybe worse.
  3. And… the Crusades!
Let us now gently debunk each of these three non-facts, starting with the last one. The distorted and politically correct view of the Crusades is that they were all about forced conversion to Christianity, which of course makes no sense since a relationship with Jesus Christ is not something that one individual can coerce another individual into beginning. But yes, they were certainly religious in nature – and political – and a reaction. From the time of Muhammad’s death in 632 to the first crusade more than 400 years later, as author Thomas Woods notes,
“…Muslims spread their religion by force throughout Arabia, and into the modern Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, as well as into Egypt, North Africa, and Spain. Further progress into Western Europe was stopped cold by Charles Martel and his Frankish warriors… it is easily forgotten that some of these territories has been heavily Christian when the Muslims took them over.”
The simple fact that the Crusades began in reaction to some 400 years of Muslim warmongering sheds a different colored light on the historical context. For those interested in learning the facts currently obscured behind popular myths about the Crusades, I recommend Woods’ book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, which will also serve the purpose of providing some excellent food for thought on a number of other ridiculous historical myths that are often repeated as gospel truth.

Moving backward to point 2 – “extremists in any religion are just as bad or worse.” This one cracks me up. First, this postmodern idea that being “moderate” is somehow morally superior to being “extreme” is laughable. Are not all sane people 100% opposed to, say, the Ku Klux Klan? Pedophiles? The Real Housewives of Wherever? The point is, whether or not having an “extreme” view on something is bad or good has a whole lot to do with the “something” being discussed. In short, positing that “extreme=bad” is simple-minded.

And what, exactly, is an “extreme” Christian? Someone who loves his neighbor as himself way more than everyone else? Someone who turns the other cheek way more times? What leftists often MEAN by this phrase is: The guy who shot the abortion doctor. Or, the KKK. Those are “extreme Christians.” Never mind that, in either case, it requires a complete distortion of Christian teaching to arrive at those mindsets. Never mind! THOSE people are “more dangerous” than the ten zillion “extreme” Muslims who have blown up countless men, women and children (and themselves) in the name of Allah. Of course, the “extreme” Muslims indeed ARE following their holy teachings (more on that in a moment).

Leftist tool Tavis Smiley beautifully illustrated this willful blindness to reality when he said that Christians kill more people in America than Muslims. Interrupting someone who was discussing acts of Muslim terror in this country, like the Fort Hood shooting and the Christmas day bomber, Smiley offered this intellectually-challenged ode to “critical thinking”:
“But Christians do that every single day in this country…  there are so many more examples of Christians who do that than you can ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country.”
Uh… okay. Tavis buddy, are you under the impression that if you’re NOT a Muslim, then you’re a Christian? Because that’s the only possible way your numbers could add up. So, every crime in this country committed by someone who is not a Muslim has to go in the “Christian” tally column – even though those crimes are all antithetical to Christian teaching. This is how we get the dimwitted “Tim McVeigh and the Columbine killers were Christians!” defense. Yeah. Talk to me when people stop yelling “Allahu Akbar” and start yelling “In the name of Jesus” right before they open fire or blow themselves up. Then we’ll have something to compare.

The slander of Christianity, in the vain attempt to create some sort of moral equivalency between it and violent Islam, flies in the face of reality. Just a few days ago, at that intellectual vacuum known as the Daily Kos, a writer who goes by the handle “Six Dollar Liberal” posted this astoundingly ignorant comment:
“We don’t call out Christianity for being a very violent religion that calls upon the execution of women, children, and homosexuals; so let’s not do it to Islam either.”
Ignoring the fact that this mental midget doesn’t know the difference between “calling upon” something and “calling for” something – this statement boggles the mind. And the writer claims he has a good understanding of Christianity – that’s why he can characterize it as “very violent.”

Hmmm. Well, I guess he’s on to our secret. The fact that we do of course regularly murder homosexuals. He’s got us there. Ha ha, guilty as charged. And of course, we also regularly kill women and children, especially if they’re not wearing the burqa – oh, wait. That’s not us.

Did I mention that his article was entitled, “In Defense of Sharia”? Good grief.

Which brings us back to our first point – that only “radical” Islam is a problem. Well… was only “radical” Nazism a problem? Because both of them are worldview political systems that seek to impose themselves… on EVERYONE. The prime minister of (Muslim) Turkey was quoted as saying, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. All those people blowing themselves up? They have a REASON for their behavior, and it involves what their scriptures are telling them to do. Muslims who prefer to live in the relative peace and prosperity of the West are making a conscious decision to “moderate” their own religion – but as the prime minister said, it is what it is.

Speaking of Muslims in America – not all of them are here because they love liberty. Some of them are here to shake things up… to say the least. Consider the group that this week celebrated the life of the murderous tyrant Ayatollah Khomeini at a party in Washington, DC. He was “a breath of fresh air,” they said. He left a “legacy of Muslim unity and active resistance to oppression.” One of the Muslims interviewed grins as she recalls how Khomeini made the “mighty great United States seem like a paper tiger.”

Hey! How about a bunch of us get together, migrate to Iran, and then have a party there celebrating Ronald Reagan? We can all laugh together about how Khomeini acted like a scared little girl once Reagan took office. Ah yes, that would be a fun party, just like these Muslims had in DC. Except these Muslims all went home safely after THEIR party.

So, my dear leftist friend, I ask you to consider this very carefully. If AMERICAN Muslims are telling us that Khomeini left a "legacy of Muslim unity" - what does that tell us about that whole "radical Islam is the problem" school of thought?