Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupiers in La-la Land

Just a few quick and random notes from the Occupy L.A. movement that has (sort of?) finally ended.

Maybe the police unions are right - maybe we don't pay these officers enough:

These officers had to don BIO SUITS to clean up the disgusting mess left behind by the Occupy L.A. cretins.

This officer should file a union grievance - he also was tasked with cleaning up a kind of disgusting mess, and he had to do it WITHOUT a bio suit. Brave, brave gentleman.

The officers (who are hardly part of the 1% now, are they?) also had to put up with these idiots screaming obscenities at them:

Wait -- is that Garth from Wayne's World?

Anyway, a spokesman for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (who has coddled these idiots all along and ought to get his ass down there and help the cops clean up the mess) says it will take all day to clean up the giant stinking biohazard (the L.A. Times says "the stench of urine and old food emanated from the lawn"). So here's what these assholes did to our city hall:

Of course, all they are saying, is give peace a chance:

Or possibly they're saying (really loudly, through a megaphone), give peace a chance and also be careful not to run over illegal aliens:

I am so, so over these people.